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You Can Get Paid To Play Board Games In Your PJ's This Christmas

You Can Get Paid To Play Board Games In Your PJ's This Christmas

Scrabble just got even more fun.

Is it Christmas tradition in your household to whack out the board games and get very competitive with your siblings? Well, you might be able to avoid any family arguments if you knew you were also getting paid to play these games.

John Adams, a UK-based toy and games company, is searching for someone to get cosy in their pyjamas at home and play family games.

Is your family really into playing board games when Christmas comes around? (
John Adams)

Your official title would be 'Board Director' and you would get the chance to trial various retro-inspired board games such as Scribblish, Go For Broke, Ghost Castle, Rummikub and Silly Sausage.

The company's first-ever 'Board Director' will be paid £500 to play these games with friends and family and provide feedback on their experience to John Adams HQ.

If you're someone who never flips the board in a huff when playing monopoly, then you can apply now at

You have until Monday 6th December to send in your applications! (

All you need to do to apply is put in your details and then send in 100 words explaining why you want to be a ‘Board Director’.

The deadline to apply is midnight on Monday 6th December and successful applicants will be told about their new job before Friday 10th December.

Simon Pilkington, group managing director at John Adams, said: "For those who have a passion for all things gaming, we’re seeking demon dice rollers and sophisticated shufflers to step up and take our newly created role of ‘Board Director’.

You'll get paid £500 to be the company's first-ever 'Board Director' (
John Adams)

"The only work involved is playing board games and spending quality time at home with loved ones in your comfies, what could be better at Christmas?

"At John Adams we love bringing people together through our games, and as part of the new role, we want feedback on all gaming experiences, so we can continue to innovate and ensure the best playing experience for our customers.

"In return, we will pay a good ‘salary’ and provide a selection of classic retro-inspired IDEAL® games for our ‘Board Director’ to keep and play forever!

"Think you’ve got what it takes? Please get in touch, and successful applicants will be notified shortly to get the ‘dice’ rolling."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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