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People Are Losing It Over This Man's Listing For A Housemate With 'Good Energy'

People Are Losing It Over This Man's Listing For A Housemate With 'Good Energy'

We regret to inform you that men are at it again.

If, like most millennials, you’re currently trapped in the renting cycle, we feel your pain – and we know exactly how difficult it can be to find a place you can temporarily call home.

But listings looking for housemates don’t get much more grim than this one, which has since stirred conversation on Twitter.

Shared by Twitter user @ruthblxney, the advertisement saw a man look for a new housemate in his place in Dublin.

The rental property had some odd demands (

The advert, which has since been deleted, reads: “Unique opportunity to share a four bedroom house with three others besides beach in Sandymount, Dublin 4 at low rent.

"Current occupants are 1. owner (male, 40s) who is retired and a passionate gardener. 2. Brazilian (female) IT professional (20's) working from home. 3. American (female) IT Masters student (20's) studying from home."

Trying to find your home sweet home? (

This is when the ad gets weird, when the man continues: "I expect this would particularly suit a writer, artist, a mindfulness practitioner or someone who studies from home.

"We seek someone who is interested in nature, gardening and participating in our little community - we do NOT seek some [sic] involved in the modern day rat race or has a job outside the home.

"The rent is below marker rate because the primary goal is not commercial but rather to find the right person who will bring good energy to the home."

Twitter user @ruthblxney captioned the screenshot: "Dublin rental market is never on a normal one," before adding: "I just realised that it’s a 40 year old man and everyone living there are girls in their 20s…… ICK."

Many people were quick to comment that the advertisement did not come across too well, particularly looking at the ages of the current tenants.

Renting can be incredibly difficult (

"Something tells me it'll be another (female) (20s) that gets the room," one person pointed out.

A second added: "Sinister. 40 year old man seeks young women to come live with him and never leave his house."

While a third simply wrote: "Manson family!" before adding a thumbs up.

Yep, finding a safe and normal place to rent is worse than the Hunger Games.


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