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Insidious Has Been Named The Scariest Halloween Movie

Insidious Has Been Named The Scariest Halloween Movie

Do you agree?

The scariest Halloween film ever has been announced - but do you agree?

According to a new study, Insidious is the scariest movie of all and the most likely to keep you awake all night.

The terrifying film was first released in 2010 and focussed on Josh and Renai Lambert whose son Dalton ends up in a coma after a mysterious, paranormal incident in the attic.

Insidious has been named the scariest film (

The study, by Mattress Online, trawled through a whopping 34,037 IMDB reviews to find the most terrifying horror films, calculating how man times words such as 'nightmare' were mentioned, and giving each movie a 'scare score'.

From this, they worked out the top 10 scary films - and the list definitely includes some of our favourites...


Insidious was named the scariest, with a total scare score of 206. One reviewer said: “You know when a horror movie has done its job? When it scares you both in the theatre, and hours later when you try to sleep at night. Tonight, I will have lots of trouble sleeping.”

Scream was named the second scariest (
Dimension Films)


Scream was named the second most terrifying film, with a scare score of 196.

“The first time I saw it I had nightmares for weeks and I couldn't sleep," said one IMDB review.

Blair Witch Project

Next up on the list is the Blair Witch Project - which was released in 1999. The movie was given a scare score of 166, with one person revealing they'd been put off horror films for life after watching.

“The scenes and disturbing sounds stuck in my mind for weeks and [it took] weeks sleeping with the light on to recover. I grew up with the certainty that I'm not a fan of horror movies," they said.

After the top three scary films, The Ring unsurprisingly came in fourth while Mother! and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made fifth and sixth place and The Grudge came in at number seven.

Blair Witch Project came in third (
Haxan Films/Artisan Entertainment)

The Exorcist was deemed the eighth scariest, followed by Halloween at number nine and Sinister in 10th place.

Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online commented: "Horror movies by their very nature are designed to heighten our emotions. While we’re watching, our sympathetic 'fight or flight' nervous system takes over.

"Hormones such as norepinephrine, cortisol and adrenaline are released, and you may notice physical reactions such as your muscles tensing and heart rate increasing.

“Clearly, this level of stress will make it difficult to drift off into a restful night’s sleep. After all, the parasympathetic 'rest and digest' nervous system is temporarily out of action. If you are planning on watching a horror movie this Halloween, give yourself enough time to calm down and relax before you head off to bed.”

Do you agree with this list?!

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