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The Unforgivable Viewers Are Struggling With This 'Plot Hole'

The Unforgivable Viewers Are Struggling With This 'Plot Hole'

Viewers can't seem to decide why Ruth made this decision...

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Unforgivable

Netflix's hit movie The Unforgivable is filled with twists and shocking plots, but viewers can't seem to settle on one particular pivot following a life changing decision from the main character.

The Unforgivable follows Ruth Slater (played by Sandra Bullock) who has been released from prison after serving 20 years for shooting a sheriff.

The fatal incident happened after he arrived at their house to evict her and her five-year-old sister Katie (played by Aisling Franciosi), as they pair were living in squalid conditions following the death of their father.

But in a shocking twist, it's revealed in a series of flashbacks that the sheriff was actually killed by five-year-old Katie while Ruth was trying to talk to him about their relocation.

Now Reddit users are debating why Ruth would take the blame for the crime committed by her sister would face less harsh consequences because she was a child at the time.

Reddit user Unfor9ivable explained: "This is what threw me off. The younger sister (5) shot and killed the cop.

"A 5 year old isn’t going to go to jail for doing that, yeah Sandra Bullock’s character maybe have got charged with not properly storing a firearm etc. but why would you take the entire blame for something that could have been ruled and accident and served less time and not been know as a cop killer.

"That’s where I drew the line but that’s just MO."

Katie was five years old when she killed the sheriff (

Other Reddit users agreed however one person tried to explain why Ruth would make such a life changing decision by taking the blame for her sibling. "The point wasn't having her sister avoid legal consequences," another user replied.

"She wanted her sister to have a normal life unmarred by what she had done. "Notice how almost all of her questions about her sister are concerned with her being happy and okay, rather than about finding out a way to be part of her life?"

In another Unforgivable thread, more Reddit users tried to come to terms with the same plot hole. "Ppl complaining about why Ruth took the fall for Katie are missing the point of why she did it," said CitizenKing. "Jail time was irrelevant. It was purely so that Katie didn't have to grow up knowing she killed a man. Katie forgot what she did and Ruth saw that as chance to protect her mentally/emotionally."

Another Reddit user agreed with the idea Ruth took the blame to ensure Katie could have a normal life and claimed the diner scene is proof. "I totally agree, the jail time wasn't it at all.

"The movie points out that Katie couldn't remember and just had random flashbacks. They pointed it out in like three scenes to make sure the audience understands why Ruth never told the truth of what happened. Even when Ruth realizes Katie couldn't remember at the diner she just let her keep eating and didn't want her to remember."

Ruth tries to track down her sister after being released from prison (

Another viewer agreed with this theory and suggested Ruth was ultimately responsible for the death of the sheriff due to negligence. "Plus Ruth really was responsible. She left the gun out and was making threats. The little kid didn't understand. She did the right thing in owning it."

Lots of Reddit users believed Ruth spun the story so her sister would have a chance to get a better life because it would be harder for her to find an adoptive home if it was widely known she killed someone.

Although not everyone agreed, one person contested this theory and criticised Ruth's decision. "It makes no sense. Jail time was irrelevant? WTF? She was 5 at the time and the copper was breaking and entering her house through the back door, she shot him in self defense, she would have been over it in a year or two, it wasn't such a big deal."

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