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The Women And The Murderer: True Crime Fans Can't Stop Watching 'Chilling' Netflix Serial Killer Doc

The Women And The Murderer: True Crime Fans Can't Stop Watching 'Chilling' Netflix Serial Killer Doc

The French language film has had us all gripped.

True crime fans, if you’re looking for something new to watch, we highly recommend The Women And The Murderer.

The Netflix documentary, a French-language original, tells the truly horrifying story of Parisian serial killer Guy Georges – the 'Beast of Bastille' who raped, tortured and killed seven women, and was accused of strangling and hurting several more.

Guy Georges was found guilty of a number of attacks in Bastille (

What makes this documentary truly unique is that it tells Guy Georges’ story purely from the perspective of the women who tried to pin him down and bring a “narcissistic psychopath" to justice.

Having been released earlier this month, fans have been left utterly gripped by the documentary film and the grim story it tells.

Taking to Twitter, one person described how astonished she was to find that all the talking heads from the film are women: “New French Netflix murder doc The Women and the Murderer is really quite extraordinary. I mean, really: the chief of police, defence and prosecuting lawyers are all women?! No men speak in the documentary.”


Fans have been enthralled with the documentary film (

“The Women and the Murderer is one of the best true crime documentaries I’ve seen in a long time,” said a second.

While another viewer wrote: “The Woman and the Murderer is extraordinary, I’ve never seen a documentary like it.

“The Woman and the Murderer is a stellar documentary on Netflix,” came a fourth starry review, while others called it “riveting”, “clever” and “sensitive”.

French Twitter was similarly enthralled that the French documentary was making waves during its global release.


The Women and The Murderer has got people talking (

Don’t worry, we’ve done the translating for you, so you don’t have to rely on your GCSE French to read their reaction.

“The Women And The Murderer on Netflix is incredible,” said one woman.

“This documentary highlights the victims and their families than the killer,” added a second viewer. “Chilling.”

“This documentary is very exciting and well done,” said a third, while others called the documentary “poignant.”

Looks like we know what we’re watching this weekend.

The Women and The Murderer is available to stream on Netflix now with English dubbing available.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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