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The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star Drops On Netflix

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star Drops On Netflix

The Christmas comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens is back with another festive adventure.

As Netflix continues dropping what seems like an endless supply of Christmas movies each week, we are pleased to inform you of the return of its most beloved Christmas franchise,The Princess Switch.

The third film, The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, has now officially landed on the streaming service, with Vanessa Hudgens returning to play all three roles after the 2020 sequel, The Princess Switch: Switched Again

Queen Margaret, Princess Stacy and Margaret's cousin Fiona, who are all portrayed by Vanessa, become entangled in a jewel heist this Christmas.

Luckily the three lookalikes are able to come together once again to help track down a mysterious jewel thief. Fiona’s ex, Peter Maxwell (Remy Hii) is also on board to help them return to the stolen relic to safe hands.

Nick Sagar is back as Kevin Richards, Margaret's husband and future Prince Consort of Montenaro. Sam Palladio is making a royal return as Edward Wyndham, Prince of Belgravia, Stacy's husband.

The Princess Switch 3 is finally here (

Yep, the whole family is back together and we couldn't be happier.

Other returning cast members includes Susanne Braun as Mrs Donatelli, Florence Hall as Mindy, Mia Lloyd as Olivia and Mark Fleischmann as Frank.

And there's even a surprise for all the EastEnders fans out there, you might recognise Ricky Norwood in the third film and that's because Ricky played the beloved Fatboy in the soap.

Fiona dances with her ex in the sequel (

That's right, Ricky is back playing Reggie alongside Florence Hall as Mindy - the minions of Lady Fiona.

Who doesn't love a soap crossover?!

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star was written by Robin Bernheim burger and is directed by Mike Rohl. The film franchise is based on characters created by Burger and Megan Metzger. 

On top of starring as three different characters, Vanessa also serves as a producer alongside Brad Krevoy. 

We know what we'll be watching this weekend!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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