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People Are Losing It Over This Humiliating Insulate Britain Interview

People Are Losing It Over This Humiliating Insulate Britain Interview

“You can grow all sorts of things…”

A bizarre interview has gone viral, with the internet left puzzled by the strange tet a tet.

On his usual TalkRadio breakfast programme, Mike Graham invited the spokesperson of controversial Insulate Britain, Cameron Ford, to talk about the ongoing protests.

But what Mike Graham thought was going to be a terrific take-down of the environmental protester actually transpired to be a bit of a self-own.

Watch the clip below:


Mike seemed to take issue with Cameron working as a carpenter, asking: “Well, how safe is that for the climate?”

Cameron replied: “I work with timber, which is a much more sustainable material, rather than concrete…”

But as Cameron continued to explain, Mike cut in: “So that means you work with trees that have been cut down, haven’t you?”

Mike believes you can grow concrete (

Patiently, Cameron said: “It’s a sustainable building practice.”

“How is it sustainable if you’re killing trees?” Mike asked.

“Because it’s regenerative,” Cameron said. “You can grow trees.”

After a short pause, Mike argued: “You can grow all sorts of things, can’t you?”

This is where things get awkward, as Cameron replied: “Well, you can’t grow concrete.”

Cameron seemed stunned into silence (

“Yeah, you can,” asserted Mike, which left Cameron stunned into silence.

After another awkward silence, Mike ends the interview, telling listeners: “That was Cameron. He grows trees and then cuts them down, and then make things from them.”

In case you’re as complexed as we are, we can assure you that you can’t actually grow concrete. It is a mixture of rocks and paste.

Naturally, Twitter was left highly amused when the argument made it to social media.

“You think this interview has peaked when the guest explains ‘you can plant trees’ but it hasn’t,” comedian James Felton joked.

The interview lasted around one minute (

“A funnier minute of self-owning radio you will not hear today,” a second person said.

“This is one of the most bizarre interviews I’ve seen for a while. It’s like something out a sketch show,” a third laughed.

“’Concrete jungle’ is just a phrase, you know...” quipped a fourth.

Featured Image Credit: TalkRadio

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