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Squid Game Fans Have A Theory Winners Come Back As Guards

Squid Game Fans Have A Theory Winners Come Back As Guards

Could it be?

We’ve all become hooked on Squid Game, the new Netflix series which puts a deadly spin on playground games.

The nine-part series, hailing from South Korea, sees a penniless and down-on-his-luck gambling addict Seong Gi-Hun (player 456) invited to take part in a series of games to win a staggering cash prize.

Is the cash fund worth dying for? (

But there’s a twist to the contest – those who lose or ‘fail’ the challenges are simply shot dead.

The games are supervised by a number of guards, dressed in red, and having their faces covered by masks.

And now, one TikToker believes she knows how these guards are hired.

(Just as a warning, there are major spoilers below!)

Taking to the video sharing platform, user @DanaWang explains: “So the winners of each game win a lot of money, but they’re not financially responsible.

“As we saw, all the players are in severe debt, and were gamblers or high-risk traders, so it makes sense that when the winners return to the outside world, they recklessly spend all the prize money and are back to square one.”

Dana also believes player 001, the old man who transpired to be the games’ creator and VIP while in the games, keeps track of the players when they leave the contest and rejoin the inside world.

There are endless Squid Game theories (

“That’s how they knew player 456 didn’t spend any prize money,” she explains.

“So when they saw the winners had got back into debt again, they got someone to approach them to join the game as a red masked guard so they can pay their debt.

“As long as they follow the rules and work for a set period of time, they will be paid a large sum at the end of their contract.”

Dana says that it was expected that player 456 would follow in the same pattern.

“But he didn’t spend a thing, which is why player 001 met him,” she says. “Also, player 456 who won the game dyed his hair red, which may mean he’ll join as a masked guard in season two, but as a good one that’ll bring the whole system down.”

Dana’s extensive theory also explains just how cruel the masks guards can be.

The masked guards show no remorse (

“They’ll kill people without any remorse,” she says. “Winning the game changes you and makes you more cruel,” she says. “Because you’re willing to sacrifice other people’s lives just for money.

“So that’s another reason why they might have chosen to recruit past winners.”

Hmm…we’re not convinced by this one – remember the scene where one masked guard reveals his face and it’s just a teenage boy?

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Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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