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Everyone's Noticing The Same Thing About This Squid Game Outfit

Everyone's Noticing The Same Thing About This Squid Game Outfit

Cannot unsee this.

We’re all hooked on Squid Game, Netflix’s latest dark drama straight from South Korea.

The series sees a group of debt-ridden individuals all forced to play a number of playground games in a bid to win millions of pounds.

You can watch the trailer below.

Whoever fails or loses the tasks are promptly ‘eliminated’ by the workers – that is, shot in the face and reduced to a bloody pulp.

But it’s not just the workers’ stone-hearted killing sprees that have left viewers talking, with their distinct outfits reminding some Squid Game fans of something a little closer to home.

Workers are made distinct from the players for their red hooded jackets and their black masks, which have either a circle, a square or a triangle on.

And on Twitter, one person has likened the masks to the classic PlayStation controller.

“All I can think about every time I see them,” said Twitter user @rm_joonie00.

They’re clearly not alone in this comparison, with many people flocking to the comments to agree.

The workers watch over the proceedings (

“I said the same thing!” one person said, while a second said: “Where is the lie?” before adding a number of cry-laughing emojis.

“Bruh, exactly!” said a third, and a fourth laughed: “Do you think it was intentional?”

This isn’t the only theory doing the rounds about Squid Game workers, with one TikToker linking the roles each person is assigned to the colour cards they choose at the very beginning.

Lol guys, I have another theory,” TikTok user @lucy.what1 said.

“He asks him [Seong Gi-hun] to choose a colour. He chooses blue, and wakes up as a player.

“What if he had chosen red?”

There are endless Squid Game theories (

And it appears that @lucy.what1 has done some legwork to see the theory stands up, adding that every single player we saw picked blue.

Naturally, Squid Game fans on TikTok have lapped up the fan theory, with one person writing: “That makes sense! Because as we can tell from the few scenes that the workers are just normal people too, probably in debt like the players.”

You can read more about that here.

Squid Game is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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