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Squid Game Fans Are Convinced Player 67 Is Actually Alive

Kimberley Bond

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Squid Game Fans Are Convinced Player 67 Is Actually Alive

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you’d know practically the whole world has become obsessed with Squid Game.

The eccentric South Korean drama, which follows a number of debt-ridden people as they play a series of playground games to win a staggering amount of money, is set to become Netflix’s biggest show ever – on track to have over 80 million views and counting.


The show, as infamous for its twists and turns as well for its gratuitous gore, has plenty of theories swirling around it, as many people try to puzzle out some of clues and easter eggs within the games.

Player 067 is a fan fave (Credit: Netflix)
Player 067 is a fan fave (Credit: Netflix)

One of the most recent theories concerns Player 67, who’s a firm fan favourite in Squid Game.

Watch the video below (and be careful! There are spoilers ahead).

TikTok user @saebyeoksbff has shared their theory that Player 67 isn’t actually dead, and pointed towards some clues in the show.

“Player 67 is alive in season 2,” they wrote. “My theory is: when she got put into a coffin, the speakers never announced that player 67 was eliminated and she had the knife in the box with her.

“She could have carved her way out before the coffin got burned and wrapped where she got stabbed.”

Could it be?

HoYeon Jung plays the character (Credit: Netflix)
HoYeon Jung plays the character (Credit: Netflix)

Fans would love to see Player 67 fight to see another day, with the North Korean defector establishing herself as a serious contender, fighting to win the money to get her little brother out of an orphanage.

“Wait, the bit where they never said she was eliminated was smart!” one person said.

A second person added: “She has to be alive, everyone loves her.”

“She didn’t scream and there wasn’t that much blood on her, it looked like a surface wound,” said a third, while a fourth chipped in: “Please let this be true!”

People are hoping we see more of Player 67 (Credit: Netflix)
People are hoping we see more of Player 67 (Credit: Netflix)

However, we hate to dash your hopes, but it’s unlikely that even Player 67 would have survived that attack.

As you may remember, Sang-Woo slashed her neck, stopping her from being able to breathe and likely to cause certain death.

And, we’re yet to hear whether there even will be a season two, with writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk saying he had “no immediate plans” to follow-up the series.

But will the smash hit response change that?

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

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Kimberley Bond
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