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Selling Sunset Fans Spot Continuity Error

Selling Sunset Fans Spot Continuity Error

Can't believe we didn't clock this.

Selling Sunset has been immensely enjoyable thanks to the agents bringing the drama once more, but fans have noticed a continuity error that has slightly disrupted the seamless viewing.

In the very first episode of season four, 'Very High Heels To Fill', Jason Oppenheim (the owner of the brokerage alongside his twin, Brett) takes agent Mary Fitzgerald to go see the listing of a possible new recruit to the Oppenheim Group, Vanessa Villela.

Mary and Jason were looking at the listing of a possible new recruit, Vanessa Villela (

Vanessa shows them a house on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles, which is a four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and is 2,140 square feet at a price of $10,995,000 (£8,257,245) which means a $329,850 (£247,717.35) commission.

When the camera is taking us on a tour of the house, there's a television on top of a dresser, but when Vanessa is showing round Mary and Jason, the television is replace by an orchid.

Huge slip-up there.

Play spot the difference with the staging here (

The error was noticed by fans in a Reddit thread, which settled the minds of a few other viewers: "I was too lazy to rewind and confirm (so thanks!!) but yeah I noticed that too".

Another user on the Reddit thread had an observation that rattled the comment section: "Ok, was anyone else equally upset to see the curtain rod not centered properly to the sliding doors or was that just me? 😅"

Vanessa has been caught in the middle of the drama as the new agent at the brokerage (

Someone replied: "Yessss! It bothered me so much!"

One commenter agonised: "😫 why did you have to point this out"

"I didn’t spot this but now I can’t unsee it!!", exclaimed another.

We also might not have long to go until the fifth season of the reality TV show. Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine programme, Mary explained: “We have season five coming out, probably in March.

“We’re done filming, we have a couple of pickups when we get back and a couple of interviews still to do, but for the most part season five is done filming and it will be very, very good.

“Any questions, any ‘what’s going to happen,’ it’s going to be big.”

Mary also hinted that the upcoming series was set to be just as tempestuous as what we’ve just seen on screen.

“In season four a lot was going on which was shocking and dramatic and season five’s going to be the same,” she revealed.

We can't wait!

Selling Sunset is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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