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Riverdale Fans Baffled Over Trash Bag Killer's Identity

Riverdale Fans Baffled Over Trash Bag Killer's Identity

TBK has been wreaking havoc once more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Fans have been debating the true identity of Riverdale's Trash Bag Killer (TBK) after Betty Cooper seemingly killed him in one of the special 'Rivervale' episodes and revealed it to be an old colleague.

But what about the real TBK in Riverdale? Will we even find out who he is?

TBK was a serial killer who would cover his face in trash bags from Betty Cooper's days as an FBI trainee who escaped from her and has been off the radar since. She tried to continue the investigation into TBK, but fellow FBI agent, Glen Scot, told her to drop it as she should be working on cold cases.

However, in the five-episode horror arc before season six, TBK makes a comeback in the alternative universe of 'Rivervale' where he is seemingly in FBI custody but insists he will only speak to Betty.

But when they talk, the killer speaks to her in the voice of the Devil to lure her to the dark side. She then stabs him repeatedly and takes off the mask to reveal that TBK is Glen Scot.

Is TBK actually Glen Scot in Riverdale? (
The CW)

It turns out that the Devil had led Glen to Rivervale by using Betty's voice and he wasn't in FBI custody at all. When the FBI are looking for Glen as his wife has reported him missing, she says she doesn't know where he is but his body is actually under the floorboards of her house.

This has fans slightly confused due to Rivervale being an alternative universe - is Glen actually TBK back in Riverdale? Will we find out TBK's real identity?

In a Reddit thread, people have been sharing their theories: "I still believe the real one is Glenn as well but not really sure anymore... I guess after the 5 ep event the main villain is going to be TBK so probably near the season 6 finale?"

Fans are super baffled at who the Trash Bag Killer could be (
The CW)

Another user agreed: "I think it will be towards the end of s6. Be annoying if it is Glenn in real Riverdale! A bit of lazy writing to keep it the same."

Someone guessed that Betty's dead father had a secret child: "I'm guessing it Hal's long lost kid or something".

To which someone replied: "Another Cooper child 😂. Maybe Betty has a long lost evil twin. She does have her dark side".

We haven't seen Ethel since season four, could she make a comeback? (
Netflix/The CW)

Another fan posited a rogue theory: "I'm still with someone from weeks ago who said Ethel. I really....really...really...want it to somehow weirdly be Ethel."

Who do you think the Trash Bag Killer is?

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