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Two Kray Twins Movies Drops On Netflix Today

Two Kray Twins Movies Drops On Netflix Today

Rise Of The Krays and Fall Of The Krays both drop on Netflix on Wednesday.

Netflix has announced the arrival of two movies about the Kray Twins to its platform, landing on Wednesday 15th September.

Rise Of The Krays and Fall Of The Krays are both new additions to the streaming service, which will come as welcome news for true crime fanatics.

Rise Of The Krays came out in 2015, and Fall Of The Krays followed one year later - the former depicting the rise to power of the Kray brothers back in the 1950s and 1960s, and the latter showing their downfall.

Starring Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie as East End twins, Reggie and Ronnie Kray, the first film starts with their origin story, as amateur boxers.

As it develops, we see them develop into hardened gangsters.

Check out a trailer below:

Meanwhile, Fall Of The Krays stars the same pair as the twins' reign begins to crumble.

Depicting true events, Ronnie Kray's mental health begins to cause an issue for them in this sequel, while the pair also catch the eye of a Scotland Yard detective.

In case you need a reminder, the Kray brothers were infamous English criminals, who spearheaded an organised crime gang in London's East End from the 1950s up until 1967.

Their crime gang, The Firm, were responsible for murder, arson, robberies, assaults and racketing.

The Kray twins had some high profile friends, mixing with politicians and huge names in showbiz, like Frank Sinatra and the Beatles.

Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie star as the Kray Twins (
Signature Entertainment)

Eventually, they became famous faces themselves, ahead of their arrest on the 8th May 1958, and conviction in 1969.

Both brothers were sentenced to life in prison.

The two Rise and Fall Of The Krays movies are perhaps lesser known in comparison to Tom Hardy starring Legend, which was also released in 2015.

However, they were actually conceptualised before the blockbuster, with funding from Terry Brown and David Sullivan.

Other stars to appear in the movie and the sequel include Nicola Stapleton (EastEnders, Emmerdale) as Violet Kray, James Hepburn as Charlie Richardson and Phil Dunster (Strike Back, Humans) as Dickie Baker.

Fall Of The Krays came a year later as a sequel (
Signature Entertainment)

Dan Parr also appears as Teddy Smith, George Webster is cast as The Author, Alexa Morden (The Colour Of Spring, Standby) appears as Lisa and Adrian Bouchet has been cast as Frank.

Meanwhile, Martin Ross (Winter Ridge) has been cast as Police Commissioner John Du Rose.

This week's true crime telly binge is sorted, then!

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