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Red Notice Fans Spot Key Clue The Bishop Stole The Second Egg

Red Notice Fans Spot Key Clue The Bishop Stole The Second Egg

Did you clock this too?

Warning: spoilers ahead

As Red Notice continues to be one of Netflix's top trending films on the platform, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed a clue that gives away the fact that The Bishop stole the second egg.

Early on in the film, when interpol inspector Urvashi Das (Rita Arya) confronts John Hartley (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) about the rescued egg, she drops the egg to demonstrate how it's fake.

But one of the shattered pieces is a give-away for The Bishop's (Gal Gadot) involvement and viewers have noticed.

Watch the trailer below:

Red Notice has plenty of plot twists as various agents and thieves track down Cleopatra's eggs which Marc Anthony gave her on their wedding day (an entirely fictional fabrication by the way).

Jonathan Hartley joins Urvashi to track down the thief Nolan Booth who stole one of the eggs from a museum. But when they find him and lock him up for his crimes, the egg Jonathan retrieves turns out to be fake, leading to smashing it on the ground.

When we see a close-up of one of the shattered pieces, there's a black symbol of a bishop chess piece - a tell-tale sign that this particular crime is linked to The Bishop.

When Interpol Inspector Urvashi Das shatters the fake egg, there's a close-up of a bishop chess image on the inside of one of the pieces  (

One viewer who was live-tweeting their watching experience said: "Ooooh subtle close up on shattered's a bishop painted inside! Cut to Russia, which is obviously where Das sent RR and TR Not them in the same cell...lmao called it Billionaire wants the eggs. Of course."

The tweeter also referenced when Booth (Ryan Reynolds AKA RR) and Jonathan (The Rock AKA TR) were then in the same prison cell in Russia straight after this scene, showing how there are no such thing as coincidences in this movie considering how The Bishop and Jonathan were conspiring together the whole time.

Elsewhere in the film, fans have been obsessed with this brief moment when The Great British Bake Off makes a cameo.

Watch below for the moment our fave presenters appear on screen:

In the scene, Gal Gadot's character, The Bishop, explains her antics in a montage, The Great British Bake Off appears on the screen while The Bishop sits back and waits for her plan to come together.

It also happens to be the episode from the GBBO 2020 series where contestants had to make cake busts of celebrities, with Laura Adlington's Freddie Mercury being the scene-stealer in Red Notice.

Did you notice anything when watching Red Notice?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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