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Pixar Fans Are Just Spotting Edna Mode's Sneaky Move In Incredibles

Pixar Fans Are Just Spotting Edna Mode's Sneaky Move In Incredibles

Honey, where's our supersuit?!

We always wanted to believe that the wonderfully camp Edna Mode was the real hero of The Incredibles, but this fan theory pretty much seals the deal.

One Reddit user posted their conspiracy on the r/movietheories thread, suggesting that Edna was the real character responsible for supervillain Syndrome's - pretty timely, let's face it - demise.

Pixar fans are going wild for this theory, with many wondering how they hadn't noticed this sneaky move before.

User @GarlicFair1462 said: "Edna Mode is the true hero of The Incredibles.

"Stratogale died because her cape was caught in a wind turbine. Edna Mode swore to never make capes again, hence her saying 'no capes'.

"When Syndrome asked for a suit, Edna was suspicious of him so she put a cape on his suit. Syndrome died because his cape was caught in a wind turbine."

'No capes!' Edna says in the iconic scene. [

In the clip, Mr Incredible visits Edna in order to get a super-suit designed for him and his new dad bod. He describes his vision of a perfect suit as, "something classic [...] with a cape and boots".

Edna then throws a scrunched up piece of paper at the hero, stubbornly insisting "no capes!"

She talks him through several superheroes who ended up meeting unfortunate ends thanks to the billowing pieces of cloth.

This Reddit user isn't the only person to theorise that Edna secretly helped Syndrome on his way out.

YouTubers galore have been posting conspiracy theories across the platform - even Screen Rant hopped on the case.

Did Edna really do it? [

One commenter put the fictional world to rights under a conspiracy video. They said: "My take on this is yes, Edna did include a cape in Syndrome's costume specifically to kill him, but as for the motive, mine puts her still very much on the side of the good guys.

"She learned somewhere that Syndrome had been systematically killing off superheroes, most of whom she knew personally before they were forced underground.

"Saddened and angered by this discovery, she decided to take her revenge by way of the only other thing that had killed that many superheroes [...] the capes she herself had included in their costumes".

Tyla has reached out to Disney for comment.

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