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Sex Education Fans Are Just Realising What Time Period Show Is In

Sex Education Fans Are Just Realising What Time Period Show Is In

After three seasons, fans are still asking when Sex Education is set.

Over the course of three seasons, Netflix's Sex Education has both delighted and baffled fans with its eighties-style clothing, glossy finish, and hilarious sexual antics.

As we follow the on-and-off nature of Maeve and Otis' relationship, fans have had a number of questions about the time period the show is set in.

The show's aesthetic is extremely eclectic, with numerous characters dressing as if they took their design cues straight from ASOS' 'New In' line while others look more like they've taken a time machine straight from the eighties.

The show is an homage to the 80s. (

There are lots of bright colours, the decor looking both old-fashioned and modern, while many of the characters collect vintage magazines and film cameras.

They do have mobile phones so it's clearly set during the modern-day but everything else is off.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "I love that in Sex Education, time is an illusion. What decade is it? Who knows, just vibes."

Another said, "Had to pause the pilot to google 'Sex Education what year is it set' and was relieved to find out I wasn't alone in my confusion. It's a whole thing!"

A third said: "I love how in Sex Education you can't tell what decade it is. The clothes, decor, aesthetics are all so eclectic, it could be the 70s or now."

The characters all have iPhones so it's definitely modern-day. (

They also added that "Adam's mum used a film camera," and "Jean was listening to an old school radio and Lily's mother's car also looks like it's from the 50s."

"I love the mix of old and new that goes on in the show!"

While people are confused by the time period, clearly they are not hating it.

But, it's not just us with the question, as almost every online publication has tried to answer the same question: "What time period is Sex Education set in?"

In fact, the show's creators told Thrillist that the time-haze aesthetic is intentional.

Laurie Nunn said: "We see it like a teenage utopia... we really wanted to make the show have the feeling that it's a homage or that it has this nostalgic backdrop, but that we are talking about very contemporary, modern themes, and storylines for the characters."

Sex Education season 3
Sex Education season 3

Meanwhile, one of the stars Emma Mackey, told Cosmopolitan: "The whole aesthetic of the show is completely inspired by John Hughes and that '80s high school aesthetic that we all know and love, and it's quite universal."

After the reveal, people are now just realising that it is a pocket of time separate to our own, where the Moordale kids have access to all things modern like laptops and iPhones, but are representing the eighties aesthetic.

Sex Education is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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