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Netflix Announce It's Turning Romantic Tragedy 'One Day' Into UK Series

Netflix Announce It's Turning Romantic Tragedy 'One Day' Into UK Series

We are so excited for this!

Netflix has announced that it will be making a series of the much-loved book and film, One Day.

David Nicholls's book, published back in 2009, has each chapter track the same day (15th July AKA St. Swithin's Day) over the course of 20 years in the lives of the two main characters: Emma and Dexter.

The book was a huge success, as was the 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, but now over a decade later, Netflix will be taking on the task of adapting it for the small screen.

The film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess holds a special place in people's hearts (

In a tweet thread about five brand new scripted series that will soon be produced around the UK, Netflix announced: "ONE DAY: Based on the bestselling novel by David Nicholls.

"An epic, tragi-comic love story, every episode catches up with central characters Em and Dex on one particular day – 15th July – as they grow and change, move together and apart, experience joy and heartbreak."

The book was a huge success and has broken many hearts (

There are already people who are absolutely thrilled about the news.

Taking to Twitter, one account shared: "Em and Dex fans get ready! We can’t wait to see David Nicholls’s One Day on Netflix."

Another tweeter struggled with their words: "Ummmm I’m so excited?"

Somebody else was slightly spooked out by a coincidence: "I was literally just thinking about this book and how much I hated (loved) it."

The story tracks the lives of two people over 20 years on a specific day (

One person wrote: "The movie was excellent I'm excited for the series omg".

"OMG WHAT!!!!!!! A ONE DAY SERIES!!!!!! MY HEART IS SO FULL and also not ready to break into a million pieces agIn [sic.]. @NetflixUK you beautiful gems", exclaimed a second.

A third person said: "Having JUST read the book, I am very much excited to see this!!!"

Get ready to reenter the lives of Emma and Dex (

Some people were slightly more apprehensive about it.

One Twitter user hoped for a stellar casting: "I’m very interested to see how they do this because i think it could work well as a series but the casting is gonna make or break it".

While someone else wanted it to do the book justice: "Book is one of my all time favourites so hopefully it delivers."

Another person simply warned: "alright netflix but DONT RUIN IT".

People are slightly apprehensive about the adaptation, especially in regards to the casting (

One person also had one very important question to ask: "But will we get Anne Hathaway's hilarious Yorkshire accent again?"

There are no more details yet but we can't wait to have our hearts broken all over again.

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