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Married At First Sight UK Fans Are Convinced Ant 'Is Using Alexis' After This One-Liner

Married At First Sight UK Fans Are Convinced Ant 'Is Using Alexis' After This One-Liner

We're gutted for Alexis!

Married at First Sight fans were gutted for Alexis Economou during Thursday evening's episode, after Ant Poole revealed the pair might just be friends.

Some viewers took to Twitter to accuse Ant of "using Alexis" after he told the other men that he sees Alexis as more of a mate, despite kissing her this week.

Ant told the other men how he was feeling (

During the boys' day out, Ant revealed: "We are just friends, we're so friendly. I did kiss her and I feel like I shouldn't have because it led her on a bit.

"It's just friends, it's so friendly. It's not that I'm not into her I just don't see that sexual connection between us."

Viewers had some strong opinions on Ant's admission, with one person writing on Twitter: "Am I getting 'Ant Just Wanted More TV Time' vibes? And he's using Alexis to stay on the programme? Even *I* thought they had some chemistry!! #MAFSUK."

While another said: "So Ant is basically using Alexis."


Viewers were so hopeful for Ant and Alexis, after the pair decided to re-enter the experiment as a 'dating couple'. While both initially left the show after splitting with their spouses - Nikita and Jordon - Alexis and Ant realised they had a spark and asked the experts if they could return.

But during this week's commitment ceremony, Alexis voiced her concerns that the relationship wan't progressing quickly enough.

Speaking to the experts, she said: "There's been no intimacy, we haven't even had a first kiss yet, so it does make me question myself, does he fancy me?"

In response, Ant said: "This is the first time I've heard this, I've been in things before where I've had sex really early and it's just fizzled out and been nothing. And I don't want to do that because I really do like Alexis."

Alexis and Ant discussed their relationship at the commitment ceremony (

Will these two work things out?!

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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