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How Many Couples From MAFS UK Are Still Together?

How Many Couples From MAFS UK Are Still Together?

As the final commitment ceremony gets closer, fans want to know how many MAFS UK couples have gone the distance.

As fans await the season finale of MAFS UK , where it will be revealed whether the couples renew their vows or go their separate ways, they've also been looking for clues about who's stayed together after the experiment.

Married at first Sight UK has for the first time followed the Australian format this year, which involves the couples meeting up for regular dinner parties. This has immediately injected a lot more drama into the E4 show as couples comment on - and compare themselves against - each other’s relationships.

E4 left a lot of fans angry after a "technical difficulty" meant that the season six finale didn't air the night it was supposed to, keeping fans in suspense and the contestants sworn to secrecy for a while longer.

Like Love Island, life is very different for the couples once the cameras are turned off and they return to normal life - which unfortunately means a lot of them end up breaking up. But before you feel too disappointed, some couples have gone the distance.

Who is still together from MAFS UK?

Owen and Michelle from season five are the only couple who are thought to still be together. They’ve even got a joint Instagram account.

Which couples from MAFS UK 2021 will stay together?

Of the six couples who made it to the final vow renewals this year, we believe Tayah and Adam, Franky and Marilyse and Matt and Dan are still together after the experiment.

This year’s favourite couple, Tayah and Adam, recently dropped a huge hint on social media that they’re still together. The two have been loved up since day one and their love for one another appeared to develop at lightning pace. 

Tayah shared a snap from the second dinner party on her Instagram ahead of that episode airing, where she and fitness trainer Adam looked very loved up and fellow MAFS UK stars were quick to comment. Morag Crichton wrote: “You guys are too bloody gorgeous”, and Nikita Jasmine added: "There they are - my favourite people!!!” Relationship expert Paul C Brunson commented with a string of heart emojis.

Tayah and Adam from MAFS UK season six. (

On another photo of just Tayah, one fan wrote: “He’s a good bloke x,” to which Tayah responded: “He really is," followed by cheering emojis.

But are they really together? Tayah and Adam don’t follow each other on Instagram and fans previously thought they'd spotted a clue that they had broken up. Maybe (we hope) they're not following each other just to throw us off? I guess we'll have to wait until after the reunion show to know for sure.

However, it seems one fan knows something we don’t. Adam posted a selfie of him and Tayah ahead of the third dinner party on MAFS UK, where one fan commented: “cheers for selfie at gym yesterday Adam, all the best to you both,” to which Adam replied, “not a problem mate! And Thankyou!” "You both"? So they could still be an item then.

Fans also reckon they've spotted hints that Luke and Morag are still together. And the show’s first gay couple, Matt and Dan, are also looking promising. Despite a 12-year age gap, the two appear to be a perfect match. But one thing which could drive a wedge between them when the show ends is the distance, with Dan coming from Ireland and Matt from Leeds.

Are the marriages on MAFS UK legally binding?

To all extensive purposes, the contestants on the show do get married at a wedding, complete with a wedding dress, vows, a cake, reception with family and friends, and even a couple’s first dance. 

However, like MAFS Australia, the marriages are not legally binding. Instead, the couples are asked to make a lifelong commitment to each other and make vows. 

Therefore, if the couples decide to go their separate ways after the experiment, they won’t need to get an annulment or a divorce, because they were never legally married in the first place.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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