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Married At First Sight UK Star Amy Christophers Looks Unrecognisable In Throwback Snap

Married At First Sight UK Star Amy Christophers Looks Unrecognisable In Throwback Snap

The reality TV star stunned in snaps she posted on Instagram.

We’re so obsessed with Married At First Sight UK that we want to know literally everything about the show’s contestants.

And so we were left shocked when we stalked Amy Christophers’ Instagram, after the 34-year-old posted a series of throwback pictures from her glamour model days.

Amy Christopher looked totally different in her glamour heyday (
Instagram - amychristopher))

While she’s now a sports journalist, Amy was previously a prominent lads’ mag model who went under the guise of Brandy Brewer.

And instead of her luscious brunette locks and full pout we’ve come to recognise Amy for now, she instead had bright blonde hair and smaller lips.

Amy, who is married to Josh on the show, says she’s “a completely different person” since her glamour modelling days, where she also appeared onThe Bachelor to try and hook up with Spencer Matthews.

“I was a completely different person then,” she exclusively told Tyla. “It was nine years ago.

Amy Christopher is unrecognisable as Brandy Brewer (
Instagram - amychristopher)

“My agent told me I had to go on The Bachelor. While with Married At First Sight, I wanted to go on it, I applied to be on it, I felt like this was my last hope to find someone.”

Amy has become a favourite amongst viewers for her frank and open introduction, where she explained she lost twin babies following medical complications.Speaking about the reaction she had to those scenes, Amy responded: “Whenever bad things happen to me, I just throw myself into work. It’s probably not very healthy and I probably should deal with things.

“So being frank and honest like that, it was a really big thing for me but the feedback that I’ve had has been overwhelming. I’ve had so many lovely messages from women who have had miscarriages or have had to medically terminate, and it’s just been so nice.

Amy Christopher is now a bombshell brunette rather than a blonde (
Instagram - amychristopher)

“Some of them have said that me speaking openly about that really helped them and they need to talk about it all. I was just like, wow. You do something forget that things like that can have such an impact when it’s out in the open and on TV.

“The fact that’s helped somebody has helped me with my healing, knowing I’m not the only one having gone through things like that. I think sharing things like that are really important.”

Married At First Sight continues Monday to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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