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Meet The Couples Of Married At First Sight Australia 2021

Meet The Couples Of Married At First Sight Australia 2021

It's said to be another explosive series from Down Under.

As this season of MAFS UK draws to a close, fans have only got to wait 24 hours before a fresh load of newlyweds keep us entertained. 

When does MAFS Australia start?

MAFS Australia season seven debuts on E4 on Monday 4th October 2021 at 7:30pm, just before the MAFS UK reunion episode. What a treat!

MAFS Australia 2021 couples

This season sees the first gay couple on MAFS Australia as well as one familiar face. Season six's Lizzie is back for another chance at love after her husband cheated on her. Will she find the one this time?

Aleks and Ivan

Real estate agent Aleks, 26, from Perth, says she’s practically 100-years-old in “Serbian years,” because she’s not married with four kids already. 

She said the dating pool in Perth is very small and every potential suitor is either taken or off-limits.

Like Aleks, real estate agent Ivan, 30, shares traditional family values. 

Although he's direct, underneath Ivan's tough exterior is a sentimental romantic who believes that 'love encompasses all'. But will Aleks stay around long enough to discover his softer side? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Amanda and Tash

Amanda, 30, and Tash, 31, are the first gay couple on MAFS Australia. 

Health and wellness is something these two share in common, with Tash being a vegan bartender and yoga teacher and Amanda a strength coach. What else will these two find in common?

Cathy and Josh

Cathy, 26, and Josh, 28, both hail from Sydney, but it’s taken going onto a national TV show to realise they exist. Granted, Sydney is a big city.

Logistics investigator Cathy said going into the experiment that trust is a huge issue for her after past partners have cheated on her. After being the strong, independent woman for years, she’s hoping to find the one who she can let her guard down in front of once and for all.

Likewise, industrial operator Josh used to be the life of the party and is now looking to find “the one.” Could Cathy be it? We’ll have to wait and see.

Connie and Jonathen

Connie, 27, from Melbourne is an aspiring marine biologist who feels incredibly shy and awkward around the opposite sex. Feeling very unconfident in her own skin, Connie needs that special somebody who can boost her up.

On the other hand, construction mining worker Jonathen, 27, from the Gold Coast, has no problem attracting the ladies, but he’s ready to settle down.

But despite his good looks and sweet boyish charm, it’s his job which often stands in the way of romance. Thanks to the nature of his work, he finds relationships difficult to maintain and struggles to stay with anybody beyond a few months.

Hayley and David

Finance broker Hayley, 34, from Melbourne, is a gutsy, straight-talking force to be reckoned with who needs a non-judgmental man with a backbone to challenge her.

David is a 31-year-old former boxer turned truck driver. He lives on 300 hectares of horse farmland, and when he's not working he's training his two horses. Naturally, he'd relocate for love, but "only if I can take my animals," he said.

KC and Drew

Having lived and worked as a dancer in LA for 10 years, 31-year-old performing artist KC has spent many years mixing with the entertainment industry's A-list and 'lived the celebrity life without being a celebrity.'

And while there was no shortage of men, she’s now back in Sydney and ready to settle down. Could musician Drew be the one for her?

With his musical talents and good looks, 31-year-old Drew from Cairns receives no shortage of attention from the opposite sex but says it's usually after a gig and the exchanges are meaningless.

Lizzie and Seb

The unforgettable jilted bride of season six, Lizzie, is back for a second chance at finding love after her husband betrayed her last season. The 28-year-old from Newcastle didn’t even get past her honeymoon in season six before her husband Sam cheated on her. 

Hopefully, 30-year-old personal trainer Seb from Adelaide, who’s looking to connect to somebody on a deeper level, will be the man for her.

Mishel and Steve

Eccentric and young in spirit, 48-year-old teacher Mishel, from Brisbane, has no filter and says exactly what's on her mind. A mother of two grown kids aged 18 and 20, Mishel reckons she is often the one being parented by her offspring and finds the dating landscape increasingly difficult to navigate.

51-year-old barber shop owner, Steve, from Melbourne has decided it's finally time to accept that dating younger women isn't working out for him.

Steve was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago and his ex-girlfriend nursed him through it. Although their relationship didn't last, it is this level of compassion and commitment he hopes to find this time around –—as long as it's with a woman who is closer to his age.

Natasha and Mikey

Natasha, 26, from Sydney, has always dated men who are significantly older than her — including a 50-year-old fiancé aged 50. While she’s attracted to their success and power, she worries that all they see is her good looks and vibrant personality, despite being an accomplished financial analyst.

Operations manager Mikey, 30, from Sydney, could be the man for her. He’s come from an affluent background and a private education, and yet is refreshingly down to earth and open-minded, with a solid work ethic. He recently stepped up to help run the family business: a nursing home that his grandfather founded.

Poppy and Luke

Photographer Poppy is not only looking for a husband, but somebody who can be a stepfather to her two young boys. 

The 38-year-old from Wollongong has suffered her fair share of heart-crushing disappointment when it comes to love. Her ex-husband left her for another woman when the twins were just six weeks old. 

Hopefully 39-year-old Luke from Melbourne can swoop in and show her not all is lost, having gone through heartbreak himself. The FIFO worker is also a divorcee with two daughters of his own, after his wife left him for their neighbour.

Stacey and Michael

25-year-old law graduate Stacey from Adelaide is the whole package - she’s got the brains and the beauty and now she just needs a man who isn’t intimidated by all of that. 

Stacey also has two kids and a divorce in her past, so whoever she marries next will need to be okay with taking that on.

28-year-old company director Michael could be the one. Alpha-male Michael is a single dad with a toddler of his own and a very successful business. He was a millionaire at 24, when he became a shareholder in the family business he now runs. He says he’s "good at lots of things but picking women isn't one of them".

Vanessa and Chris

Insecure with relationships, 31-year-old pharmacy manager Vanessa shields herself from hurt by rejecting men before they reject her. But she desperately craves love and hopes the experts can find her someone who will look beyond her scars.

37-year-old correctional youth worker Chris could be the one to help her bring her guard down. He’s described as a genuine, salt-of-the-earth Aussie bloke who hopes to find a fit and outdoorsy girl-next-door with a shared love of the ocean.

A single dad of two young boys, he craves a long and happy marriage like the one his parents have had for more than 40 years.

MAFS Australia stars on Monday 4th October 2021 on E4 at 7.30pm.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@mafsau

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