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Jack Fowler: 'You're In Casa Amor To Cause Drama'

Jack Fowler: 'You're In Casa Amor To Cause Drama'

The Love Island season four favourite understood the assignment when he entered the villa.

After weeks of rookies complaining the seventh season of Love Island has no drama, suddenly our singletons were serving it up in spades.

From Hugo Hammond saving Chloe Burrows from a certain dumping, to the arrival of Tyler Cruickshank setting Kaz Kamwi all a flutter, we knew things were set to get dramatic…and then Casa Amor happened.

Casa Amor postcard
Casa Amor postcard

Nearly all of our couples have been turned upside down at the arrival of new girls and boys, with even the most solid of pairings now seemingly on the rocks. Things aren’t looking good for Faye Winter and Teddy Soares after the postcard suggested he’d been unfaithful – while fans are now gunning for Liam Reardon, who looks set to throw away his relationship with Millie Court after sharing a passionate snog with Lillie Haynes.

But villa veteran Jack Fowler, who quickly established himself as a fan favourite on Love Island season four, thinks that we should take the antics of Casa Amor with a significant pinch of salt.

Jack hit it off with Laura when he was on the programme (

Jack, 25, entered his season as a Casa Amor boy, and is keen to stress how nerve-wracking it was to meet the girls.

“I never really got scared until I had to walk through the bedroom to then go meet the girls outside by the fire pit,” he tells Tyla. “After a day, I felt like I belonged there.

“In Casa Amor, I didn’t think I was doing anything bad. I was quite respectful to the girls and I didn't really go out of my way to be a nasty person in there.”

He added: “TV needs to be entertaining. The thing is, we were in there to cause drama – drama is what people want to see and enjoy. Ultimately, it’s a TV show.”

Jack knew the kiss with Georgia was going to cause drama (

It was Jack’s more respectful behaviour in the villa that saw him become a firm favourite amongst viewers.

But despite his overwhelming popularity, he found himself struggling when he left the villa with his newfound fame.

“I was kind of overwhelmed with the love and support that I was receiving,” Jack says. “I try not to get carried away with it.

“I wasn't really sleeping because I was always on the road and personal appearances and events and all the rest of it. It could become too much. It got a bit weird because people would come up to you like they know you, and you’ve never met them before in your life.

Jack is humbled by his popularity (
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“But I just try and stay humble. I’m just enjoying the ride.”

Having left villa life behind now, Jack is entirely focused on his music, having released new single Foolish – a fun dance-pop track featuring rap vocals.

“I was into my music way before Love Island,” he explains. “After going on a show with such a huge platform, it opened so many doors for me and I was meeting with producers.

“I’m comfortable singing. I’ve got material ready to come out. I like to be different. I think there's not many people out there doing the kind of thing that I'm doing.”

Foolish is available to download now.

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