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Love Is Blind After The Altar: Fans Slam Damian Powers Over 'Toxic' Treatment Of Giannina Gibelli During New Reunion Show

Love Is Blind After The Altar: Fans Slam Damian Powers Over 'Toxic' Treatment Of Giannina Gibelli During New Reunion Show

The Love Is Blind reunion show presented one of the contestants in a less than favourable light.

Love Is Blind returned with its brand new reunion show, Love Is Blind: After The Altar over the weekend, and fans already have a lot of opinions on the contestants and their behaviour since the show aired.

It will be a surprise to nobody that Mark Cuevas' alleged cheating was a hot topic on the show, as was Jessica Batten's relationship (or lack thereof) with Matthew and Amber Barnett.

But the biggest drama on everyone's lips was Damian Powers' treatment of his on-off girlfriend Giannina Gibelli during the special.

The pair were both open about the fact their relationship had hit the rocks as cameras panned back onto their lives.

But neither gave the impression that their romance was over for good, and it was clear that things had progressed and love had blossomed in the two years since Damian said 'no' at the alter.

During the special, we saw Giannini speaking candidly to her mum about the troubles they were facing, telling her with confidence that she was sure they'd work through their issues, because she knew he was 'The One'.

People slammed Damian for his treatment of Gigi (

However, Damian's behaviour said otherwise, as we saw him heading for drinks with Francesca Farago - yes, the very same Too Hot To Handle star - where some heavy flirting about the size of his muscles ensued.

Damian then invited Francesca to the anniversary party, which was being held for Lauren Speed-Hamilton, Cameron Hamilton, Matthew Barnett and Amber Barnett - even though he knew Gigi was going to be there.

And while he called it a 'friend' date, naturally, fans were a little suspicious of his decision.

"Damian is so insecure. He constantly needs a woman to make him feel confident, good and special. You should feel all those things without external forces. The eff!! Go therapy #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar," someone wrote after watching his stunt.

Damian had a flirty date with Francesca Farago (

Another fumed: "Damien is so disrespectful [to] invite Francesca and make GiGi feel so small #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar (sic)".

A third penned: "Giannina and Damian ain’t working out but they’re holding on so hard. They gotta let go bc that s*** is so toxic. Damian really had gGannina looking stupid by bringing his “friend” #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar".

Meanwhile, a fellow fan quipped: "The joke of the day is Damian thinking its 'noble' to bring the ONE person your girl worries about, to a public event WHILE YOUR GIRL IS THERE. The embarrassment, the humiliation, the blatant disrespect. Gigi hunny, that man ain't yours no more, move on. #LoveIsBlindAftertheAltar".

Gigi told Francesca Farago to forget about dating Damian (

In scenes at the party, all hell broke loose when Giannina pulled Francesca for a chat, only to learn that Damian hadn't been honest about the fact they weren't over for good when he'd been hanging out with her.

It resulted in both women being angry at Damian for misleading them, and Francesca leaving the party in a rage at him.

Then Damian kicked off a Gigi for telling him what to do and who to be friends with.

Honestly, the drama...

If you haven't caught up on this yet, DO IT NOW.

Love Is Blind After The Altar is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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