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Love Hard Fans Are Calling This Christmas Scene A 'Masterpiece'

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Love Hard Fans Are Calling This Christmas Scene A 'Masterpiece'

If you're yet to watch new Netflix Christmas rom com Love Hard, then we recommend you do so immediately.

The heartwarming festive film is a wholesome watch and viewers have been loving one scene in particular.

The clip - which fans are calling a 'masterpiece' - is a new rendition of controversial Christmas tune, Baby It's Cold Outside, and many viewers are calling for it to replace the original.

You can watch a clip below:



The 'consensual version' of the song features lines such as 'No problem there's the door/I hear you say no more/I hope you get home safe tonight' and 'Slow down, that's quite a pour'.

Meanwhile, the original track has long been criticised for problematic lines such as 'Mind if I move in closer?/What's the sense in hurting my pride?' And 'How can you do this thing to me?'

And viewers are loving it, with many calling for the song to be released.


One wrote: "The Baby It’s Cold Outside scene in Love Hard is so good."

And another said: "I need a boyfriend within 30 days so we can learn this #LoveHard version of Baby it’s Cold Outside."

"The 'Baby It’s Cold Outside' rewrite in Love Hard is the best version of the song," added another.

People are obsessed with the Love Hard version (Credit: Netflix)
People are obsessed with the Love Hard version (Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Love Hard’s version of Baby it’s Cold Outside is HOW THE SONG SHOULD GO."

And a fifth said: The #LoveHard version of Baby It's Cold Outside is THE best version of the song.

"I watched it last night and I'm still thinking about it..."

"I need the @ninadobrev aka #LoveHard version of Baby It's Cold Outside on my Spotify," said a sixth.


Another added: "Say what you want about Love Hard but the “Baby it’s Cold Outside” remake is a goddamn masterpiece."

People have been loving the movie since it dropped on Netflix earlier this month.

Starring Nina Dobrev, the film focuses on Natalie Bauer, a columnist based in Los Angeles.

She ends up meeting a guy named Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) on a dating app - and falls head over heels in love. But after flying 3,000 miles to surprise him in his hometown for Christmas, she finds out she's been completely catfished and Josh isn't who he said he was.

People are loving the festive movie (Credit: Netflix)
People are loving the festive movie (Credit: Netflix)

Instead, he's been filling his dating profile with photos of a man named Tag (played by Darren Barnet).

Natalie and Josh come up with a plan - he will help Natalie get a date with the 'real Josh' (aka Tag) and Natalie will pretend to be Josh's girlfriend for the holiday season, in a bid to please his family.

If you're yet to watch, you can catch it on Netflix now!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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