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Harry Potter Fans Spot 'Mindblowing' Theory About Hagrid

Harry Potter Fans Spot 'Mindblowing' Theory About Hagrid

This could change everything.

It may have been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film was released in cinemas, but there’s so much we’re still learning about the wizarding world.

Just when we thought we had everything and everyone sussed out, a brand new theory has dropped which may very well tip the whole notion of good and evil in the series on its head.

There's more to Hagrid than may appear (
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Trust us – this theory left us feeling more like a Muggle than ever before.

Posting on Reddit, one Potterhead, going by the username ‘Whoofph’ has shared their lengthy yet compelling theory that Hagrid – the jolly half-giant that befriends Harry early in the series – is actually one of Voldermort’s most loyal servants.

Not convinced? Well, there’s some hard evidence behind this…and you may want to sit down.

Beginning their argument, Whoofph writes: “Hagrid is a high-ranking servant of Voldemort. We see Hagrid: Use Magical abilities which are otherwise only known by high-level Death Eaters or extremely talented wizards and witches.

“He has a disregard to and participation in cruelty to Muggles, as well as a casual approach to Azkaban-level offences.

“We see him participate in subtle manipulations of Harry which put him into private contact with Voldemort on multiple occasions.

Hagrid keeps his old wand in a pink umbrella (
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“He also passes private information regarding security directly to Voldemort.”

Analysing the first novel in great detail, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the keen-eyed detective points out two major issues.

When Voldemort killed Harry’s parents, Hagrid knew exactly where to collect Harry from, despite the family having gone into hiding where only one person, Wormtail, knew where he’d gone.

Hagrid also managed to get there very quickly, despite being too heavy to ride on a broom and having no other method of fast travel.

Could there be more to Hagrid than we ever knew? (
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Voldemort, however, has taught himself means of flying without brooms or apparition. It’s trick he also taught Professor Snape, who previously served as one of Voldemort’s closest servants.

Hagrid himself confirms he can fly unaided, after he collects Harry from the Dursleys for the first time.

Whoofph also points towards the powerful transfiguration spell he casts on Dudley, where he gives him a pig’s tail with his broken umbrella wand. This, Whoofph explains, is highly advanced magic – we only see senior witches and wizards in the series able to use transfiguration effectively (and not with broken wands).

Hagrid gives bully Dudley a tail (
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The theory goes on to explain how Hagrid ‘delivers’ Harry to Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest and how he passes vital information onto Voldemort.

More evidence is compiled from the other six books in the series – you can read the full theory here.

And due to their comprehensive stack of evidence, many are convinced Whoofph is on the right track.

“Mind completely blown, possibly broken. This was an excellent read,” one person said.

A second added: “Perhaps J.K. Rowling kept Hagrid as a potential twist bad guy as the series developed but ultimately opted against it? Regardless, nice work!”

Redditors were convinced (

“An amazing read,” a third said. “One thing I really like about this theory is the symmetry of one of Dumbledore's most trusted confidants being a spy for Voldemort much like Snape was a spy for Dumbledore.”

“This is possibly my favourite theory I've seen on this sub,” a fourth agreed.

Well, we’re convinced.

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