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Friends Fans Think They've Solved Mystery Of Phoebe's 'Imaginary' Roommate Denise

Friends Fans Think They've Solved Mystery Of Phoebe's 'Imaginary' Roommate Denise

'DENISE... I talk about her all the time!'

Friends fans have just come up with a wild theory surrounding Phoebe Buffay's 'imaginary' room-mate, Denise.

Remember back in season six of the NBC sitcom, when Lisa Kudrow's character told her pals she had a roommate called Denise, seemingly out of the blue.

At the time, it looked as if she was fibbing about living with someone else, to prevent Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) from moving in with her.

You'll remember her famous line - "I talk about her all the time... DENISE!" - when the others question her:

But now some fans as theorising that Denise may actually have been real after all, referencing a picture of another of her bridesmaids, who wasn't one of the OG Central Perk crew.

Take a look at this image, shared on Reddit, for yourself:

Fans think this member of the bridal party is Denise (

"Oh my god," someone wrote, as they spotted the woman, and questioned if it could be Phoebe's 'roomie'.

"Denise omg she's real," someone wrote in the comments.

As another penned: "Mind blown".

"Omggggg lol I never noticed this," said somebody else.

"Thought it was just her imagination lol," chipped in a fellow Friends fanatic.

Of course, we don't definitely know the woman in the image is Denise.

Phoebe and Mike's wedding aired in season ten (

She could be a relation of Phoebe's husband, Mike Hannigan (we know he has a sister) or a random stranger pulled in at the last minute because guests couldn't make it due to the snow storm.

Denise wasn't the only person people suggested, with others suggesting the bridesmaid could be Betty from Phoebe's surprise birthday party in season one.

(Only true Friends OGs will remember this...)

Fans thought the woman could be Betty (

Upon closer inspection, it looks like Betty does appear to look rather different to the rogue bridesmaid.

And, to make matters more complicated, the woman isn't mentioned on any cast lists for the episodes.

The mystery continues...

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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