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Disney Fans Are Convinced They've Spotted Glenn Close In Cruella

Disney Fans Are Convinced They've Spotted Glenn Close In Cruella

How could we have missed this?!

We always knew Glenn Close was a master of disguise, but this is next level.

Fans had been disappointed by the lack of Close cameo since the new Cruella film came out in May.

According to a thread on Reddit, however, she could've been under our noses the whole time. We like your style, Glenn!

Is Glenn's Cruella cameo just a wild fan theory? We hope not! [

"Several articles stated the lack of cameo from Glenn Close in Cruella (2021) was a missed opportunity", user SenorThunderChunky posted. "Having just watched the film tonight, I think she actually did appear!"

They then went on to say while watching one particular scene, they felt something was "off" about one of the background characters.

"I told my wife I didn't buy that the character was a man", they said. "Something just felt feminine about him".

'Something just felt feminine about him', a Reddit user confessed. [
Walt Disney Pictures]

"Fast forward to the end of the movie", they continued, "and we see that Glenn Close was a producer on the film.

"Then I remember that mysterious character from earlier [on]. Upon closer inspection, I honestly believe that character is Glenn Close herself in heavy makeup".

Fans lost it at this film theory, with several even thinking the same thing. "I found my way here because I'm desperately Googling to prove that the 'man' next to Emma Stone is Glenn Close", one said. "I think we're right on the money with this".

Fans speculate that Glenn Close had an uber-subtle cameo in Cruella. [

The original poster also pointed out that this isn't the first time the actress has made a surprisingly super-subtle appearance in a film.

Glenn got dressed up in her best drag king clothes to play a male pirate in Steven Spielberg's Hook (1991).

We have to say, the likeness between the two 'male' characters is absolutely uncanny! Where's Glenn's Academy Award for best costume?

The award-winning actress has also played a man in Hook. [
Amblin Entertainment]

While the post remains just a theory at the moment, fans are convinced the cameo is real.

Cruella is currently available to stream on Disney+.

Tyla has reached out to Glenn Close and Disney for comment.

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