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Moment Woman 'Catches Husband Cheating' On Doorbell Cam

Moment Woman 'Catches Husband Cheating' On Doorbell Cam

A woman managed to get footage of her husband 'cheating' thanks to her doorbell camera.

A woman has left social media in shock after sharing footage recorded by her doorbell camera showing her husband 'cheating' on her.

Watch the shocking footage below:

The high quality black and white video was shared by @kaylie271 and shows her husband exiting their house with a woman before the pair kiss, unaware that their rendezvous has been captured on camera.

The TikTok user also implies that her husband lied to her in order to stay at home to spend time with the unidentified woman seen in the clip.

"When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned," she said.

TikTok users in the comments were left shook by the exposé. One user asked how the husband did not know the doorbell camera was recording, @kaylie271 responded “He thought it got disconnected.” 

Other users expressed sympathy for the wife who posted the clip. “Imagine her plane/car ride home,” wrote one TikTok suer. “Just sitting there heart broken. I want nothing but peace for this poor woman.”

The TikToker's husband was caught kissing another woman (

A third person wrote: “That man walked her in and out the front door knowing the camera was there and didn’t care. This marriage has been way over for some time.”

“Right in front of the camera too smh got damn,” quipped another TikToker

Another person joked: “The way he tried to make sure no one was watching lmao.”

While a third wondered: “Why would he cheat knowing there’s a camera there??

TikTok users wondered why the husband would cheat in front of their doorbell camera (

When a commenter asked if she was planning to leave her husband in a short follow-up video, Kaylie said: “Abso-f***ing_lutely”.

Doorbell cameras, when not used to catch cheating spouses, have led to debates on social media surrounding privacy issues.

Earlier this year Facebook users had a debate about this very topic after a person shared an image of her neighbour’s camera pointing directly into her backyard.

You can read more about it here.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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