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Disney Fans' Insane Theory About What Actually Happened To Boo In Monsters Inc.

Disney Fans' Insane Theory About What Actually Happened To Boo In Monsters Inc.

OMG, could it be true?

Monsters Inc. fans, there's a new theory going around and it'll seriously blow your mind.

Now, fans will know that in the movie, Mike Wazowski rebuilds Boo's door, so she can reunite with Sulley at the end of the film.

There's a new Monsters Inc. theory (

But some viewers have come up with a rather different theory that could see Boo appear in another Disney Pixar film as a totally different character. And it actually makes so much sense now we've heard it.

Discussed on the Just The Nobodys podcast, and shared on TikTok, one of the hosts explained: "So you know like in Monsters, Inc. how all the monsters travel through doors that go to a random kid's room to scare them?

"There's a theory that after Sulley and Mike left Boo, she missed them a lot and always wanted to go and try find them again.

"And she discovered a way to use magic to travel through doors just like how Sulley and Mike would use to go to different dimensions and kids' rooms.

The theory focuses on Boo (

"So in the movie Brave, we see the evil witch uses the doors and travels through them just like how Sulley and Mike would use them.

"Boo from Monsters Inc. is actually the witch from Brave and she also has a carving of Sulley on a piece of wood and she has a model of Randall from Monsters Inc., and on her desk there's also a wood carving of the Pizza Planet truck which shows she can time travel because in Brave the pizza planet truck did not exist yet."


People think the witch from Brave is also Boo (

And fans were shook by the theory, with one writing: "Mind blown. Never knew that."

While another said: "Oh my gosh this theory actually makes so much sense."

And a third added: "I love this theory so much."

Minds. Blown. We can't believe we never knew this!

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