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Time: Viewers Left Stunned Over Unexpected Line Of Duty Crossover

Time: Viewers Left Stunned Over Unexpected Line Of Duty Crossover

Mother of God…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

The BBC has been home to some incredible dramas recently, with Time being its latest must-watch series.

The three-part series, written by the legendary Jimmy McGovern, stars Sean Bean and Stephen Graham and follows Mark Cobden (Bean), who is imprisoned after accidentally killing an innocent man.

The gripping yet uncomfortable watch sees Mark adapts to life behind bars, being watched over by prison officer Eric (Graham) who seeks to protect those in his care.

But while viewers were full of praise for the series and the performances of the main characters, there was someone else in the cast that got people talking.

Yep, the appearance of Brian McCardie left fans taken aback, with the actor having previously played fearsome mob boss and head of the OCG Tommy Hunter in BBC One's bent-copper bonanza, Line of Duty.

Tommy Hunter appeared in Season 1 of Line of Duty (

While Tommy died in Line of Duty, fans jokingly took to Twitter to say the two series were linked, and that the crime lord was actually still alive and hiding in Time.

"Now we know where Tommy Hunter really is..." one person joked.

A second added: "I'm sure I just saw Tommy Hunter in prison with Sean Bean on BBC iPlayer," while a third said: "Mother of God, it's Tommy Hunter."

Fans joked that this is where the OCG boss had ended up (

"The ghost of Tommy Hunter? They don't want to be messing with him," a fourth jibed, while a fifth chipped in: "Just spent the first episode recognising all the actors from different shows and then f***ing Tommy Hunter pops up!"

Two Line of Duty icons are in the series (

Others wisecracked this Time could be a Line of Duty origin story, seeing as Stephen Graham also starred in the series as John Corbett - an undercover officer who infiltrates the OCG, only to be killed when the gang realises he's a policeman.

"John Corbett is here with Tommy Hunter!" one person said.

"At last, John Corbett caught up with Tommy Hunter!" a second added.

"Tommy Hunter and John Corbett on a Sunday night. All we need now is Vicky McClure and Martin Compston!" a third said.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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