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E​veryone Is Saying New BBC Crime-Thriller 'The Pale Horse' Is Seriously Creepy

E​veryone Is Saying New BBC Crime-Thriller 'The Pale Horse' Is Seriously Creepy

Rufus Sewell and Kaya Scodelario star in the Agatha Christie adaptation.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

The first episode of The Pale Horse aired on BBC last night and viewers were quick to comment on how creepy it was on Twitter.

The gritty adaptation of a more supernatural Agatha Christie novel with the same name, starred Rufus Sewell as Mark Easterbrook and Kaya Scodelario as Hermia Easterbrook.

Whilst many say they had gripes with how hugely it differed from the whodunnit novel, others loved it, saying it had a much darker feel than the original story.

One said on Twitter: "The Pale Horse is some creepy sh*t #ThePaleHorse".

Part one aired on Sunday with part two airing this Sunday 17th February on BBC One (
Mischief Screen Limited 2019/Ben Blackall)

A second added: "A. Christie 'The Pale Horse' Genuinely creepy and mystifying. Liked having a different, younger narrator. Good use of three witches!"

A third penned: "Watching The Pale Horse, looking good already, giving adequate creepy vibes!! #ThePaleHorse".

Others even struggled to sleep: "Had some very weird dreams last night after watching The Pale Horse last night . Loved it. #ThePaleHorse".

And no wonder people struggled to get some shut eye after, as the tale centres around the murder of a young woman who leaves behind a list of names in her shoe, which arouses suspicion and intrigue.

One of the names on the list is central character Mark who although once widowed, has remarried Hermia, but is still haunted by the tragedy of losing his first love, Delphine, so is in fact not being faithful.

Rufus Sewell plays Mark Easterbook (
Mammoth Screen 2019/Ben Blackall)

On the strange case, trying to put the pieces of this murder together is Inspector Stanley Lejeune (Sean Pertwee), but Mark is also trying to discover himself why his name was on that list.

In the first episode that aired last night we see it all. 'Witch'-like women, pickled snakes in jars, a strange occult parade and of course, the list of names in a shoe - it is all very eery and people were quick to note it.

One actually commented that it brought major The Wicker Man vibes thanks to the pagan feel of Much Deeping.

And we all know what happened in The Wicker Man - someone ended up being burned to death.

Much Deeping is home to three fortune tellers who people suspect to be practising witchcraft (
Mammoth Screen 2019/Ben Blackall)

One said: "Loving the Overlook/Wicker Man vibe of #ThePaleHorse".

A second added: "The Pale Horse was rather good. A bit Wicker Man in places and who doesn't love witches?"

If you love a creepy crime series, then now is your chance to get stuck into one.

Head to BBC iPlayer to catch up on episode one and tune in this Sunday for part two of The Pale Horse on BBC One at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Mischief Screen Limited 2019/Ben Blackall

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