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Trailer Drops For Quibi Plane Crash TV Series ‘Survive’ With Sophie Turner

Trailer Drops For Quibi Plane Crash TV Series ‘Survive’ With Sophie Turner

This is going to be our new obsession.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The first trailer has dropped for Sophie Turner's new series Survive, which will launch on streaming service Quibi next month.

The ten-part series follows Game Of Thrones star Sophie in a gripping new role as her character Jane - a suicidal woman who has just been released from a mental health facility - is one of two sole survivors of a plane clash.

She finds herself in the middle of the mountains alongside a stranger named Paul (Corey Hawkins), and the pair are forced to work together to find their way home.

The trailer highlights just how tense the new show is going to be, frantically flitting between scenes of the plane crash and Jane and Paul's lives, both before the crash and afterwards, as they work together to return to civilisation.

Jane and Paul are stranded in a plane crash (

Describing herself as "truly screwed" and showing her in an emotional group counselling session, we're given an insight into Jane's unstable mindset before the crash.

Meanwhile, we're also shown the moment she and Paul first meet at the airport - both seemingly unaware how vital they would become to each other's survival.

"We're here together," Paul says. "I have one rule: survive".

Jane and Paul attempt to escape the mountains (

Speaking about taking up the role of Jane last year, Sophie said: "She's a complex character fighting against the odds to not only save her life, but to also find her own source of strength and courage.

"I only hope this can impact anyone struggling with self-worth to understand they are braver than they know and to seek the support they need."

The show will be landing on new streaming platform Quibi on April 6th, when it officially launches.

While it has not yet confirmed if Quibi will become available in the UK, British fans will be hoping they'll soon have a chance to watch Sophie and Corey in action, too.

Tyla has contacted Quibi for more details.

Featured Image Credit: Quibi

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