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Netflix's New Show 'Skin Decision' Will Leave You Crying 'Like A Baby'

Netflix's New Show 'Skin Decision' Will Leave You Crying 'Like A Baby'

Celebrity surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian and skin and beauty expert Nurse Jamie Sherill are changing people's lives one consultation at a time.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Netflix has just dropped Skin Decision: Before and After, and the emotional backstories of some of their contestants are leaving viewers bawling.

Now we know what you're thinking... yet another show about how people get plastic surgery to find happiness -but this series is so much more than that.

Firstly, Dr. Sheila Nazarian and aesthetician Nurse Jamie Sherill aren't there flogging trout pouts and unnecessary nose jobs, their mission is to help people feel happy in their own skin.

And once you hear what some of their patients have been through, we think you'll agree they deserve it.

Over the course of eight episodes, they meet a whole host of incredible individuals who have lost their self confidence for one poignant reason or another.

Whether it's covering up bullet wounds, healing painful scars or performing top surgery on a transgender man, they show the significance that such a procedure can have on someone's life.

Be warned, you're going to need to stock up on tissues...

Katrina's life story broke viewers' hearts (

One particularly emotional case study is that of Katrina Goodwin, who survived a near fatal shooting at the hands of her ex partner back in 2017, but devastatingly revealed that her two daughters, Lashelle and Laila, did not make it out alive.

Katrina was shot nine times by her ex, Carlton Goodwin, and while she told the expert she was trying to move on with her life, the wounds still remained.

"I was shot in my face, I was shot on every limb of my body except for my right leg," she says on the show.

"When I look at these scars, that's what I think of... I think of lies, betrayal, hurt. I deserve to be happy again."

Marla is another poignant case study on the show (

Meanwhile, another episode looks at the famous case of former model, Marla Hanson, whose face was slashed in a vicious attack back in 1986, ending her career prematurely.

Just wait until you see what Dr. Sheila Nazarian and aesthetician Nurse Jamie Sherill have in store for these two...

Both experts have worked with high profile celebrity clients, from Reese Witherspoon to Emily Ratajkowski to Jonathan Van Ness to Jessica Alba.

And so, naturally, the treatments they offer are the best of the best - from the most powerful laser machine for hyperpigmentation, to cryoptherapy, and face masks laced with *literal* gold.

After the patients arrive, they have pictures taken, which are then transferred onto the experts' iPads, so they can sketch out the tweaks they want to make onto the screen.

Skin Decision is on Netflix now (

Some patients are even handed VR headsets so they can see the potential changes they want to make in real time, and tweak them accordingly, before going under the knife.

Dr. Nazarian and Nurse Jamie are all about the natural approach, and their main priority is ensuring that their clients enhance their natural appearances, rather than completely alter themselves.

They're not about quick fixes, either. They regularly set their clients diet plans, force them to kick toxic habits and encourage them to work on their self esteems in order to help them find their best selves.

In fact, one patient on the show credited them with changing her life despite the fact she wasn't able to go into surgery due to health implications, claiming that the show had allowed her to find peace with her body, with or without an operation.

The experts on this show do *not* mess around (

Now, that's our kinda makeover show.

Taking to Twitter after watching the new Netflix series, one user wrote: "Yep Skin decision on Netflix is my new favourite show .... I'm here crying like a baby".

As another penned: "I'm surprisingly into Skin Decision on Netflix. These women and men have really gone through it in their lives. And the hosts/ docs are great too. Very different from the male fronted cosmetic surgery shows of the past."

If you haven't binged this yet, what are you waiting for? This is far from just another 'glow up' show.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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