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​Fans Are Saying New BBC Dating Show 'Heartbreak Holiday' Is More Entertaining Than ‘Love Island’

​Fans Are Saying New BBC Dating Show 'Heartbreak Holiday' Is More Entertaining Than ‘Love Island’

'Heartbreak Holiday' is here to fill the void that 'Love Island' left in all of our lives.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

It's only been three weeks since this year's Love Island finale (yes, really) but luckily the TV gods are back with a juicy new dating show to give us our daily dose of drama.

BBC Three's Heartbreak Holiday, which landed on iPlayer this week, follows ten singletons as they embark on the 'summer a lifetime' hopping between villas on the Greek islands.

But there's a twist: they've all very recently had their hearts broken. What could possibly go wrong?

Fans are already loving the new series, with one person sensationally claiming it was 'more entertaining than Love Island'. Surely not?!

Others have praised the show for its 'diverse' line-up of contestants, something which critics have accused its ITV2 counterpart of lacking in.

Clever BBC bosses are keeping us hooked by dropping new episodes on iPlayer daily for a week, with juicy surprises waiting at every turn.

In each of the seven episodes, contestants are joined by a surprise visitor from home who will 'force them to confront their past head on and help them move on with help from their newfound friends', according to bosses - and it's giving us strong Ex On The Beach vibes.

Fans will also see every video message home and every text contestants send to their exes - revealing 'hidden layers' as the group get to know each other better.

Fans have praised the diverse line-up (
BBC Three)

Producers say we should 'be prepared for drama, reality checks and hidden secrets to be revealed as temperatures rise'.We're currently just three episodes in and, after the group met for the first time in Mykonos, early romance has already blossomed between some of the contestants.

And fans are already desperate to know how things will progress between Jordy and Erin, who hooked up in Crete before a surprise visitor caused a massive upset.In Thursday's episode, fans will see further drama unfold as Maxine opens up about her dating issues to Archie.

Heartbreak Holiday is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer

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