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​Everything We Know About Upcoming 'Riverdale' Season 4 Part Two

​Everything We Know About Upcoming 'Riverdale' Season 4 Part Two

The show is about to return after its mid-season hiatus.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

*This article may contain spoilers for Riverdale season 4*

Riverdale fans rejoice, part two of season four is arriving very soon and we hope it'll answer all of our burning questions about "the town with pep" after the last explosive episode.

The Netflix TV show is currently taking a mid-season hiatus and the last episode we saw on December 12th left us reeling, with a flash forward that hinted Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) was set to kill Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).

Say whatttt?

So what happened in the first half of Riverdale season 4?

Essentially, a lot. Key character Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) deals with the death of his father Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) who tragically died in real life in March last year.

After Fred's death, we see Archie wanting to help others just like his dad, so he opens a community centre for troubled kids.

We have so far seen Archie and FP try to scare drug dealer Dodger off for good which results in FP being shot (
Netflix/The CW)

We then see him fight off drug-dealer Dodger Dickenson (Juan Riedinger), which ends in Archie nearly beating him to death, in order to try and protect the kids who come along to his community centre. But he drags FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) into it and he ends up shot.

Meanwhile, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) continues to fight her father Hyram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), and poor old Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) thinks she's going mad.

It turns out to be her awful mother Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) gaslighting her, who has been hiding in the Blossom mansion to torture Cheryl mentally.

Season 4 has paid tribute to Luke Perry who played Fred Andrews before his death (

Luckily, Cheryl finds out what's going on and delivers punishment and finally puts her twin brother Jason's (Trevor Stines) corpse to rest. Thank god - that was getting seriously creepy.

We also see Jughead head to Stonewall Prep school, uncover the mystery of the Baxter Brothers' books, the first of which he thought wealthy Francis Dupont (Malcolm Stewart) had stolen from his grandfather - he hadn't.

We also saw Jughead be appointed the new ghost writer for the next Baxter Brothers' novel.

Cheryl Blossom has been made to think she's going mad this season by her cruel mother in hiding (
The CW/Netflix)

However, his girlfriend Betty is trying to combat her dark side - something she's struggled with since season one.

She discovers she has the serial killer gene and she believes the farm has poisoned people against her, hypnotising them so that when they hear the word "tangerine" said three times, they will instantly believe they are Betty and will try to kill 'dark Betty'. Confusing, huh?

So far, Betty's sister has attacked a nurse conveniently called Betty and her mum has nearly stabbed Betty herself, both after hearing mysterious phone calls.

The teen also tested the '"tangerine" word out on herself, presuming if it's to be believed she will attack herself. When looking in the mirror she repeats the word and ends up slashing her mirror instead.

Betty has been discovering more about her dark side and her serial killer gene in season 4 so far (

But with her trying to combat the darkness within, we then see a flash forward of a blood-stained Betty looking over a bludgeoned Jughead on a fateful Spring Break night - she's not doing well at combatting it, clearly.

This was the real shocker in the 2019 finale, but with it being a flash-forward, we hope Jughead manages to avoid dark Betty's wrath as he just happens to be our favourite character.

What will happen in the second half of Riverdale Season 4?

Everything certainly seems to be pointing towards the death of Jughead, devastatingly. We've seen a flash forward to Betty and FP standing over a covered up corpse in a morgue, which was then revealed to be Jughead.

We've seen plenty of flashes forwards to Jughead being dead since season 3 (
The CW/Netflix)

We've also seen Betty, Archie and Veronica Lodge covered in blood and burning Jughead's beanie hat in a fire.

And of course there was that shocking mid-season finale episode in December, where a flash forward to Spring Break shows Betty standing over what appears to be dead Jughead, with Archie asking her what she's done.

Since it hasn't happened in real time yet, we don't know if perhaps something can be done to save Jughead, or whether it is some wild storyline like a long lost twin (stranger things have happened in the teen drama). Or perhaps, dully, it could just be Betty's imagination or Jughead faking it?

There have been no other real hints as to who else may die, since we've already seen the deaths of Uncle Bedford Blossom (Trevor Stines), Mr Chipping (Samuel Stewart Witwer) and Edgar Evernever (Chad Michael Murray) and Fred Andrews.

Will Betty really kill Jughead? (
The CW/Netflix)

One wild fan theory is that Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan), Cheryl's girlfriend is already dead and is a figment of her imagination - given that she's been going a little mad in Season 4.

Plus, we don't think we've seen Toni interact with anyone other than Cheryl.

It would make sense given that Toni hasn't had any major storylines and she's not a main character. We guess time will tell.

We may also finally find out who is behind the voyeuristic video tapes that are haunting the town as well as uncovering what Betty's brother Charles Cooper (Wyatt Nash) might be up to, who is looking dodgier than ever.

When does part two of Riverdale season 4 air?

One wild fan theory is that Toni is a figment of Cheryl's imagination and she is already dead (

The midseason premiere will launch on January 22nd in the US (January 23rd in the UK) and is called "Varsity Blues". It will be the twelfth episode in the season.

We hope it can provide some answers as to if and why Jughead will die and Betty's role in it.

How many episodes are in Riverdale season 4?

Like other seasons, there are 22 episodes in total. So we have 11 more to go, airing weekly on Netflix rather than in one bulk drop.

Will there be a season 5 of Riverdale?

CW who show the series in the US has confirmed the news that there will be another series, which will air as part of its 2020-2021 season, which we assume Netflix will also pick up for UK viewers.

Confirming the news on Instagram CW said: "This town never runs out of mysteries. #Riverdale has been renewed for Season 5!"

It will likely air in October, if it is to follow season two-four, although could be available as late as January 2021, when the first season of the show debuted.

Whatever happens in part two, we know it's going to be drama-filled.

Riverdale is set to return to Netflix on 23rd January.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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