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Fans Are Saying Everyone Should Watch Netflix's 'Babies' Before Becoming A Parent

Fans Are Saying Everyone Should Watch Netflix's 'Babies' Before Becoming A Parent

It’s fascinating viewing.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Netflix's Babies has been hailed essential viewing for anybody who wants to be a parent.

The new docuseries - which is basically a more scientific One Born Every Minute - follows 15 families filmed over the course of 12 months, capturing both the science behind their development as well as the emotional side of having a new little person join the family.

And those who have watched it have advised that it could be a great help to aspiring parents - and a fascinating watch everyone else, too.

One wrote: "Just watching Babies on netflix...a must watch for any new mums..."

The series follows a baby's developmental journey (

While another echoed: "Everyone everyone EVERYONE needs to watch Babies on Netflix!

"It's a brand new docuseries about attachment and infancy and neuroscience and OMG. I think it should be required viewing before anyone is allowed to become a parent."

A third similarly urged: "Everyone please go watch BABIES on Netflix."

The series aims to give viewers an inside glimpse into a baby's evolution, from first steps to first smiles and everything in between.

People think all prospective parents should watch the show (

Explaining there has been a scientific "explosion" in understanding babies' brains, researchers now know that even the youngest tots see and understand way more than we ever thought they could.

While also touching on the psychological side of welcoming a little one, the documentary delves into each baby's milestone, from the immediate bond formed with parents at birth, to sleeping, sitting up, crawling and eventually, the incredible moment babies take their first steps into toddlerhood.

It also demonstrates how scientists are able to use the latest technology to understand the physiological process behind each developmental stage.

The series follows both the scientific and emotional side of a baby's first year (

One such scientist who appears in the documentary is Michael Georgieff, who has worked hard to prove the link between iron and other nutrients to the development of babies' memories.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Spencer also appears, discussing her groundbreaking study on the importance of naps for a baby's learning.

The show is available to stream over on Netflix now, just in time for the weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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