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Monsters Inc. Fans Work Out Meaning Behind '23-19' Emergency Code

Monsters Inc. Fans Work Out Meaning Behind '23-19' Emergency Code

Twitter has been sent into a complete meltdown after somebody posted a very clever Monsters Inc. theory on Twitter.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Monsters Inc. is hands down one of the best films around, and if you disagree with that statement then click off this article immediately. We don't need your negativity here...

There is honestly nothing better than settling down for a cosy night in with Mike, Sully and Boo, and we honestly can't count the amount of times that we've seen the classic Disney Pixar movie.

You know what you're getting - monsters, adorable kids and a couple of scares - but some shocked fans have taken to social media to share their own theory behind one of the movie's iconic scenes.

Remember when one not-so-scary monster returns back through the wooden door with a white sock attached to his back and it sends the rest of the monsters into complete meltdown? They all run around screaming 'We have a 23-19', and CDA guys swoop in to save the day from the white sock...

You may never have given 'code 23-19' a second thought, but some Monsters Inc. fans definitely have, and are convinced that they've worked out the meaning. Some people obviously have too much time on their hands but we are living for it.

"I just realized that in Monsters Inc. when they yell "We have a 23-19" the 23rd letter in the alphabet is W and the 19th is S and it stands for white sock and honestly my life is in shambles," one fan shared on Twitter.

Mind. Blown.

As other people have previously pointed out, W and S are also the initials of Mike and Sully's last names - Wazowski and Sullivan - which seems like an incredibly clever coincidence. Just when you thought you couldn't love this film any more.

The other option is that the code stands for title 18, section 2319 in US law, which is criminal infringement, but this alternative would be much less fun.


Featured Image Credit: Disney Pixar

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