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Married At First Sight Australia: Elizabeth Sobinoff Shuts Down Sam Ball's Body-Shaming Comments

Married At First Sight Australia: Elizabeth Sobinoff Shuts Down Sam Ball's Body-Shaming Comments

"As women, we have so much thrown at us. We are expected to look a certain way because of men like that."

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Married At First Sight Australia concluded last night with a brutal reunion, and let's just say there was drama in abundance.

From Jessika Power being called out for propositioning Nic Jovanovic to Cyrell Paule being savagely swilled by Martha Kalifatidis, the last few episodes have really packed a punch.

But the standout moment of the finale may well have been the return of Elizabeth Sobinoff, and her expert put-down of ex, Sam Ball, who cheated on her during the experiment, and also slammed her looks and physique on multiple occasions.

You can watch the clip below:

After Lizzie, 29, was shown a clip by the experts, in which 28-year-old Sam said he "never dated girls as big" as her, it was clear she was visibly emotional.

"I was pretty turned off by her. I'm not into her," Sam also said in the footage, as Lizzie sat open mouthed, in disbelief at what she was seeing.

Sam decided not to show up to the reunion show and face the music for his affair with Ines Basic, or his body shaming comments, but Lizzie still had a message for him after seeing how he had behaved.

"What the hell is that?," she said. "You just met me on the wedding, right, you judge me by me appearance that I'm a 'larger girl' a 'heavy girl', OK?

"So, what? He's setting the tone for all women out there? 'You're not worthy enough if you're not - what? - a size six or below?

Lizzie did not hold back after seeing the footage of Sam slating her (
Channel 4/ Channel Nine)

"You're not worthy enough? You don't deserve the time of day? You don't deserve any of that?

"I'm just appalled that he would make it so free to comment on a woman's weight. That, to me, is absolutely despicable and disgusting. ...

"As women it is a hard enough time in this life, okay? It's a hard enough time. We get so much thrown at us [and] we have men sitting there going: 'Yeah you have to be this way, you have to look this way otherwise, I don't want a bar of it!'

"We're expected to look a certain way because of men like that. Absolutely disgusting. Disgusting. And then saying that I'm trying it on with him, force feeding him stuff? Are you absolutely out of your mind?

Sam and Elizabeth had a rough ride of it on the show (
Channel 4/ Channel Nine)

"That I'm jumping on you on bed? Are you out of your mind? Why are you trying to belittle me? I do not understand that.

"That's what he's like, he's just trying to belittle me, making up stories to tell the boys. That's why he's not here, because they're lies.

"On the wedding night he spooned me...I was being fed totally different things by him, and then he's going around saying she's a fatty who wants to bang me."

Elizabeth was visibly hurt by the comments (
Channel 4/ Channel Nine)

Reacting to Elizabeth's emotional statement to the experts, women across the country appeared to relate to how she was feeling, and praised her for shutting Sam's comments down.

"PREACH ELIZABETH #MAFSAustralia," one wrote.

While another penned: "Sam is a coward for deciding not to turn up... Fat shaming is not ok. Elizabeth isn't even big.. Horrible human being.."

"Yes Elizabeth. Sam is disgusting. Drag him #MAFSAustralia," a third wrote.

As another chipped in: "I'm not a fan of Lizzie but really felt for her having to sit through that. What a shame Sam didn't have the balls to show up. #mafsaustralia".

Sam Ball didn't turn up to the reunion (
Channel 4/ Channel Nine)

The good news is that Lizzie is back in season 7 for another shot at love, following her horrible experience with Sam.

You can read more about what to expect from that series here.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/ Channel Nine

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