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Sir David Attenborough To Present New BBC Nature Series ‘A Perfect Planet’

Sir David Attenborough To Present New BBC Nature Series ‘A Perfect Planet’

The new documentary will take a powerful look at how the world survives – and how humans are affecting it.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Sir David Attenborough is set to host a brand new natural history series, named A Perfect Planet.

Yep, the legendary documentarian is back, and will be starring in a five-part BBC One series which will take a look at "the intricate systems" that allow earth to thrive.

The show is set to explain how the planet operates, looking at everything from ocean currents to solar energy to the weather, and venturing all around the world, from India to the Arctic.

Plus, in showing how these mechanisms work, the documentary will also seek to demonstrate how animals adapt to their natural environments as they continue to change. As ever, it sounds like a truly fascinating watch.

The nature documentarian will be looking at how animals adapt to the earth changing (

It won't be a surprise to hear that the new Attenborough series is set to feature some incredible footage, too.

With close up views of bears in Kamchatka, the white wolves of Ellesmere Island and golden snub-nosed monkeys in China, the series will "combine a global view of the planet from space with intimate animal stories from the most spectacular habitats".

The show will show some amazing new nature footage (

It will end by taking a powerful look at how humans are disrupting the flow of our 'Perfect Planet,' and hammer home the detrimental effect that climate change is having.

Speaking of the brand new series, from Our Planet producers Silverback Films, Sir David said: "Oceans, sunlight, weather and volcanoes - together these powerful yet fragile forces allow life to flourish in astonishing diversity.

Cameras will venture across the world for the series (

"They make Earth truly unique - a perfect planet. Our planet is one in a billion, a world teeming with life.

"But now, a new dominant force is changing the face of Earth: humans. To preserve our perfect planet we must ensure we become a force for good."

While an exact premiere date has not yet been announced, the show is set to land on BBC One later this year.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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