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Daniel Radcliffe's True-Crime Movie, 'Escape from Pretoria' Looks Amazing

Daniel Radcliffe's True-Crime Movie, 'Escape from Pretoria' Looks Amazing

It hits cinemas on Friday 6th March.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Daniel Radcliffe's new true-crime movie, Escape from Pretoria will hit cinemas in a matter of weeks - and it looks *so* thrilling.

The film sees the Harry Potter actor star as Tim Jenkin, an apartheid activist serving time in a maximum security jail. Now, Signature Entertainment has given us all a sneak peek after releasing a set of promotional images from the film.

The movie is based on the true-story of Jenkin, who was branded a terrorist and imprisoned in South Africa in the late seventies. But just 18 months into his sentence and along with two other freedom fighters (played by Mark Leonard Winter and Daniel Webber) Jenkin makes his escape from jail.

Incredibly, the three men used wooden keys they had painstakingly handcrafted to unlock the prison doors.

The men use handcrafted wooden keys to aid their escape (
Signature Entertainment)

There are 10 steel exits standing between the prisoners and their freedom and after months of surveillance, plotting and planning, on 11th December 1979 they finally put their plan into action.

In the trailer, we see the prisoners racing against time and with setbacks, twists and turns, it certainly seems like it's going to be a gripping watch. We're fully expecting to be on the edge of our seats the entire time.

The new images show Daniel Radcliffe looking almost unrecognisable, with long hair, a beard and in many shots - handcuffed in chains.

Ratidzo Mambo also stars (
Signature Entertainment)

Other photos show the men arriving at the prison, as well as action-shots of the men plotting - and carrying out - their escape.

We also see other actors including Ian Hart, known for his roles as Quirinus Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone or Rabbit in the BBC drama miniseries One Summer, as well as Nathan Page (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit) and Jeanette Cronin (Secret City).

The film hits cinemas on 6th March (
Signature Entertainment)

The film was directed by British director Francis Annan and produced by David Barron (Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella, Harry Potter).

You know where to find us on 6th March...

Featured Image Credit: Signature Entertainment

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