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Dacre Montgomery Just Dropped A Huge Hint Billy Is Returning For Stranger Things Season 4

Dacre Montgomery Just Dropped A Huge Hint Billy Is Returning For Stranger Things Season 4

Let it be true, PLEASE.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We know, we know, Billy was killed off at the end of Stranger Things Season 3 - but it hasn't stopped fans from hoping that somehow, he'll make a return.

And now, fans have gone into overdrive after Dacre Montgomery (who plays Billy in the supernatural series) posted a rather interesting hint that he could be making a comeback.

We need to know if this is happening!

The rumours began when Dacre posted an image of himself on Twitter on Friday. In the snap, he looks very much like he's in character as Billy, with what appears to be fake blood on his shoulder, as well as the long, messy hair, moustache and a necklace that looks very similar to Billy's.

And the biggest clue - according to one fan - Dacre also posted the snap on his stories and even tagged a Stranger Things make-up artist.

"The fact that you posted this on your story and tagged a stranger things makeup artist," they wrote.

Although production for Stranger Things Season 4 has now restarted, it could be a photo from a different set (Dacre is currently working on an Elvis Presley feature by Baz Luhrmann).

As he explained to The Independent last year, Billy's death was always planned.

"We constructed it this way from the beginning," he said.

"I knew it was coming in that this was going to be the outcome. And I don't think I would have been given the season that Billy had if I wasn't dying.

"I think because I was on my way out, I was given an amazing opportunity to do a wide array of things. I'm very grateful."

Hmmm, it doesn't sound mega promising, but we can still hope, right?

We've got everything crossed that Billy will somehow make a comeback (

Fans have been desperate for Season 4 to drop ever since the dramatic Season 3 ending, which saw Jim Hopper apparently closing The Upside Down to protect his adopted daughter Eleven from harm.

Hopper's body was never shown which led people to speculate that he was killed. However, it turns out Hopper did survive (phew) and can be seen in the trailer below:

Season 4 was expected to air in July this year (but was delayed due to the pandemic) so we're hoping it might be back on our screens in early 2021?!

We've got everything crossed...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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