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'Below Deck' Is Getting Another Series And The Trailer Is Here

'Below Deck' Is Getting Another Series And The Trailer Is Here

Captain Lee and his crew are back to save 2020.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Just when we'd written off this year altogether, along came Captain Lee Rosbach on My Seanna to bring us some much needed good news.

Yep, Below Deck is officially back for an eighth season this November, and it looks like the tonic we all need right now.

Whether you've watched the Bravo yachting TV show since the beginning or binged it all during lockdown, we have no doubt that more action from one of the Captain's charters is bound to instantly boost your mood.

Check out the trailer below:

Obnoxious, super-rich charter guests to sneer at? Check. Unreal Caribbean backdrops? Check. Staff getting p*ssed and embarrassing both themselves and the boat? Check.

Seriously, what more could you want in a TV show?!

As it returns for series eight, Below Deck will welcome back not only Captain Lee but also another familiar face - Eddie Lucas (best known for his tumultuous affair with colleague Rocky during season 3).

Eddie previously starred on the first three seasons of the show before calling it a day, taking on the roles of deckhand and bosun retrospectively.

Eddie Lucas is back (

And now he's back as bosun of My Seanna, along with a whole new crew to boot.

Joining Eddie's team of deckhands will be James Hough (a ladies man from England) and Shane Coopersmith (a spearfisher from California).

Meanwhile, the stew pantry will also be made up of entirely new faces for the first time, after show OG and long-time chief stew Kate Chastain's dramatic departure last season.

Australian adventurer Francesca Rubi will be taking Kate's place (and she admits herself that she takes her job 'too seriously,' so you know there's going to be drama ahead).

Kate Chastain is not returning for season 8 (

Joining her will be two interior stews: high end hospitality-trained Long Island native Elizabeth Frankini and New Zealand travelling fanatic Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters.

There's also a new chef on the yacht (nope, still no return from Ben *sob*), as Michelin-restaurant trained Rachel Hargrove, from Florida, takes her place in the galley.

In a trailer for the new season, the Captain introduces their new, tropical location, telling viewers: "It's been years since I've been in the Caribbean, and I've missed the hell out of it. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water.

"It's like putting on your favourite pair of blue jeans. It's like going home again."

Theres a new chief stew in the house (

The show hasn't filmed in the Carribbean since season 5, so the return to its roots is sure to mix things up a bit.

The teaser clip also shows topless deckhands annoying the Captain, charter guests getting starkers on board, a boat-mance and fighting stewardesses (what changes, eh?).

But perhaps most dramatically, we see a clip of the Captain leaning off the edge of the boat, shouting at a guest: "Get your god-damn a*s back to this boat now, your charter's over".


There's a new chef too (

If things didn't sound tense enough, the Below Deck staff also find out about the impact of Covid-19 while they're on board, meaning - like the rest of the world - they're dealing with heightened emotions, constant news updates and fraught phone-calls home.

As Captain Lee so eloquently puts it: "The f*cking world's going to hell in a f*cking handbasket".

He's not least we've got a new series to binge, though!

Featured Image Credit: Bravo

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