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Who Is Louis Theroux's Wife, Nancy Strang?

Who Is Louis Theroux's Wife, Nancy Strang?

Louis delved into the world of polyamory for the first episode of Altered States - with the permission of his wife, Nancy.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Louis Theroux's Altered States kicked off on Sunday evening, with the journalist delving into the world of polyamory in the first episode with the permission of his wife, Nancy Strang.

The journalist travelled to Oregon in America for a 'blind-folded sensual dinner', with the go-ahead from the mother of his three children - although 'inappropriate touching' wasn't allowed.

But who actually is Nancy, and what does the woman married to one of the most popular journalists of the century do herself?

What does Nancy do?

Nancy has an impressive career of her own, working as a TV director for the BBC.

She keeps most details on her career (and her private life) under wraps, although she is pretty active on Twitter, sharing her opinions and views on politics and current affairs.

In August 2017, the family moved back to Los Angeles - where Louis was once based - in a 'neighbourhood close to the Hollywood sign and the Scientology headquarters'.

Previously, they lived in Harlesden, London for over a decade.

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How long have they been married?

Louis and Nancy wed in 2012, having been together for almost 10 years before tying the knot.

Reports suggest that they met back in 2002, while working together at the BBC, although neither Louis nor Nancy have publicly spoken in much detail about this.

It seems like Nancy and Louis are still very much in love, as she tweets support for her husband as his documentaries air.

Louis described her as a 'very understanding and cool person, not the sort of person to get insecure and in a flap about something like that,' during his most recent episode on polyamory.

The journalist was previously married to Susanna Kleeman in 1998 before splitting in 2001.

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Do they have any children together?

Nancy and Louis have three boys together, Albert, Frederick and Walter.

It's unclear exactly how old the three are, although it was reported in October 2017 that they were 11, nine and two.

Louis has openly spoken about the struggles of being away from his young family for work while he was living in Los Angeles.

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