Louis Theroux Is The Honest Food Blogger We All Need In Our Lives

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Louis Theroux Is The Honest Food Blogger We All Need In Our Lives

Seldom will you find us slandering the one and only Louis Theroux.


Don't get us wrong, when it comes to documenting some of the most important issues in society - from drug addiction, to racism to life in prisons - there really is no better man for the job.

But the lovably awkward BBC star now appears to be trying his hand at a brand new skill - cooking - and it's safe to say he's quite a way off releasing a celebrity cookbook...


Yep, Louis has become somewhat of a food blogger of late, showing off not one but two of his culinary attempts on Instagram in just a matter of days.

And while we'd love nothing more than to see Louis manning his own cooking show, launching a full-time food blog or bringing out his own supermarket range, even he admits there's some work to do first.

Louis Theroux is trying his hand at cooking (Credit: Channel 4)
Louis Theroux is trying his hand at cooking (Credit: Channel 4)

Part of the charm of Louis' food snaps is the honest approach he takes. Rather than the filtered, restaurant quality cuisine we're often bombarded with on our timelines, Louis' looks like something our dad would rustle up on a Sunday and then proudly post on the family WhatsApp.


Last week, for instance, he shared a picture of his attempt at a vegetarian lasagne. But rather than opting for a pristine, edited image of a gourmet standard pasta dish, he instead shared an (admittedly tasty looking) image of a his own half eaten concoction.

Not one to beat around the bush, Louis made no bones about the fact there was room for improvement in the flavour department, too.

In the image's caption, he wrote: "Vegetarian lasagne, uses cottage cheese, plus random veg. A lot of trouble for something that tasted OK but not AMAZING. [sigh]"

Before adding: "If you have a never-misses veg lasagne recipe I am all ears."


Sounds like he should have just got a takeaway, tbh.


Two days later, the next culinary offering was a shepherd's pie, which he had also eagerly tucked into prior to taking the snap.

And by this point, Louis seemed into the swing of his new food blogger persona, even owning his 'bad' cooking as part of his image - his USP, if you will.

"My latest culinary disappointment: vegetarian shepherds pie," he wrote. "With lentils and sweet potato. I didn't have vegetable stock so I found some old dried mushrooms and soaked them and used the juice (and the mushrooms)."


Looks nice, right? Wrong.

Clearly unimpressed with his own attempt, he added: "WON'T be trying that again. Tasted weird. I counteracted it by adding ketchup but by then we were lost in the woods. [sigh] Onward and upward. Good vegetarian shepherds pie recipes welcome!!"

And for a second we thought things sounded so promising!

Fans aren't used to seeing a domesticated Louis Theroux (Credit: BBC)
Fans aren't used to seeing a domesticated Louis Theroux (Credit: BBC)

While, of course, there were a whole string of know-it-all fans flocking to tell the documentarian he could have salvaged both recipes if only he had the right ingredients, there were others - like us - who simply enjoyed a window into Louis' cooking escapades, warts and all.

"Dunno why I liked this post so much but I do," one wrote in the comments under his slightly watery lasagne.

As a second suggested: "Let's make a short-form cooking show for Quibi. 'Louis' Culinary Disappointments'".

Another of Louis' followers commented: "I'm loving these recipe fails. Goes against the flashy fine dining and amazing culinary creations seen on Instagram. You are only human and we all have these moments... Some more than others".

While, already anticipating the star's next food post, a fourth teased: "Louis?! This is sad. Please, for the love of all things pure and good, go to the shops and deliver us a win next week. FFS."

Louis Theroux and his wife Nancy Strang share three sons (Credit: PA)
Louis Theroux and his wife Nancy Strang share three sons (Credit: PA)

While his cooking attempts might not get Gordon Ramsay's seal of approval just yet, the reason they're going down so well is likely because we rarely get to see this domesticated side of him.

Any fan of Louis will know he is infamously private about his family, and while we're used to seeing him quizzing others on their day-to-day lives, we're very rarely given a glimpse into his own.

For those that don't know, the documentarian lives with his wife Nancy - to whom he has been married since 2012 - and their three sons.

And although we're sure he's got plenty of experience knocking together hearty family meals for the four of them over the years, it's unlikely he's had much time to hone his culinary skills in the midst of his busy filming and writing schedule.

That could all be about to change, though, as Louis is about to appear on a very special celebrity edition of The Great British Bake Off for Stand Up For Cancer.

Putting his skills to the test alongside other big names such as Queer Eye's Tan France, Love Island's Ovie Soko, and This Morning's Alison Hammond, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith will no doubt put Louis through his paces on the Channel 4 show.

The good thing is, we're sure that means there's lots more cooking Instagrams to come, too.

Personally, we can't wait to see Louis' disastrous take on choux pastry.

Just stay away from the tomato ketchup this time, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/ Instagram: Louis Theroux

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