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​The World Is Divided Over Whether Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Should Reunite

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​The World Is Divided Over Whether Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Should Reunite

They were the IT couple of the nineties and noughties.

Hugely popular, successful, beautiful and interesting, Jennifer Aniston was much loved from the hit TV sitcom Friends, and Brad Pitt was a world famous actor and the man being dubbed the hottest in the world.

The pair looked unstoppable.


They were iconic. First crashing the stage of a Sting concert in 1999 to show off Jen's engagement ring and from there going on to wed in a lavish Malibu wedding in 2000 and looking cute AF at events, even matching their outfits.

Couples who dress together stay together? Or so we thought...

Four years later and Brad meets Angelina Jolie and suddenly #Branniston comes crashing down and #Brangelina is born.

At times the couple matched their outfits (Credit: Blackbird/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images)
At times the couple matched their outfits (Credit: Blackbird/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images)

We were all devastated. The dream couple who gushed about knowing they were meant to be from day one were suddenly no more, and we all lost hope. What we thought was true love actually didn't exist.

Fast forward 15 years (a time in which many either swapped teams and rooted for Brangelina, or stayed staunch on their love for Branniston) following Brad's divorce from Angelina and Jen's divorce from Justin Trudeaux, and the pair are spotted having a tender moment at the SAG Awards.

Suddenly, Twitter is alight with speculation.

Brad's hand on her arm and Jen's hand resting on Brad's jacket lapel. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Brad could be seen holding Jen's arm as she walked away (Credit: Getty)
Brad could be seen holding Jen's arm as she walked away (Credit: Getty)

Everyone seems to be going wild over what could have been a merely touching moment between friends, but what did kind of look like the start of a blossoming relationship.

But will they finally reunite? The greater question is, should they reunite?

Although he denied it, it was widely reported at the time of their split in 2005 that he cheated on Jen and his two relationships crossed over


If there's truth to it, why should someone as fabulous and funny as Jennifer Aniston go back there?

Others have long forgotten or put it down as a mistake he should be forgiven for.

Twitter is definitely not singing from the same hymn book though, the opinions on their relationship are heavily split. People are hysterical about it.


One tweeted: "Therapist: so what brings you in today?

Me: *slams this picture of Brad Pitt holding Jennifer Anniston's hand on the table*"

Another added: "I [was] never keen on Brangelina. For me, it was always Branniston. Seeing them doing the things at SAG made my heart flutters in a good way."

A third said: "Anyone who is team brangelina over team branniston is no friend of mine".

Whilst another Twitter goer added: "I'm sorry but nothing will ever be as iconic as #brangelina".

Another echoed their sentiment: "Anyone who thinks brad and Jen are a better couple than brangelina is BOOOOORING".

Lastly, one said: "Starting a support group for people who have just seen this photo. I am here for you. And I relate."

It's seriously divisive.

But whilst we love Jen - her finally joining Instagram last year was like all our Christmasses coming at once - we are personally kind of hoping whatever this display was, was nothing more than two people who care about each other applauding one another for their SAG Award success.

We know his cheating was never confirmed, but we're seriously sceptical and Jen just doesn't need to go back there. You're doing fabulously without him Jen.

And we're glad others feel the same way, just like this Twitter goer: "I can't believe how everyone is rooting for Brad and Jen to get back together when he literally publicly DUMPED HER for someone else."

And we loved the person who described it as Brad realising the mistake he made - reminds us of Pretty Woman tbh: "Big mistake. Huge".

They said: "I'm not seeing a Brad and Jen reunion, but rather a woman living her best life, and a man realizing he made a huge mistake when he let her go."

The pair were iconic (Credit: PA)
The pair were iconic (Credit: PA)

A third added: "One says: "Borderline hysterical people, mainly women, forgetting that Brad Pitt HAD Jennifer Aniston, chose to have an affair, chose to leave her, divorce her and marry the other woman. It's nice that they are civil but personally, that's not something I'm rushing back to with open arms".

Another said: "I don't care if Brad and Jen aren't getting back together. A beautiful, talented and successful woman who was left by her husband for someone else and who now has him looking at her like this 15 years later is power I can only aspire to."

And let's not forget the real reason for last night: awards. Jen scooped her first overall win in more than 20 years, as well as her first SAG as an individual.

Jen won her first SAG award last night (Credit: PA)
Jen won her first SAG award last night (Credit: PA)

She took home outstanding female in a drama series award for The Morning Show.

She is brilliant on her own. Jen, you are a queen.

Featured Image Credit: Getty

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