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People Are Haunted After Seeing Scooby Doo Before CGI In Backstage Footage

People Are Haunted After Seeing Scooby Doo Before CGI In Backstage Footage

This will haunt us in our sleep.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

If you ever wondered what your favourite cartoon pup, Scooby Doo looked behind the scenes as they filmed , we now have the answer.

But, we should warn you, what we're about to show you might leave you scarred.

Yep, we've done a deep dive on TikTok and found an account named Filmlersokagi, with tonnes of backstage videos from all of your favourite films that use CGI, and 2000's Scooby Doo movie definitely takes the prize for the creepiest.

Of course, we weren't expecting to see a video of a real cartoon dog on set behind the camera, but the reality is still enough to give you the heebie jeebies.

Check it out below:

In Scooby Doo's place there is an actor in a dress and a bag, with a creepy green mask and green boots on.

Honestly, we don't know how the other doctors managed to get through filming without freaking out...

This picture of Scooby Doo BTS is haunting people (

Scooby Doo isn't the only CGI backstage footage on the TikTok page, which also has clips from the filming of I,Robot, which shows Will Smith shooting what appears to be a robot, but is actually a person in a full-body green suit.

Later an actor playing a robot in the movie can be seen again, as they burst through a green screen behind them, which was edited to look like a metal wall in the film.

Another mind-blowing example is the backstage footage from Dumbo, in which a green lump can be seen contorted into the shape of the cartoon elephant (quite a mean feat, we imagine...)

Later, an actor takes on the role, and can be seen bounding around on all fours, with extensions added to their arms to emulate the shape of the Disney creature.

This might be the most terrifying clip of the lot...

Of course, these videos all pretty much have the same reaction from fans, and that's horror.

Under the Scooby Doo TikTok, one person wrote: "I could've gone my whole life without knowing the truth..."

While another penned: "This feels illegal", a third chipped in: "Omg life will never be the same".

A fourth joked: 'Yeah I'm gonna need a horror movie of Mr Green Face Man".

Now, that would be a very different Scooby movie...

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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