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Viewers Praise Luke Evans' Performance in 'Gripping' Serial Killer Drama Pembrokeshire Murders

Viewers Praise Luke Evans' Performance in 'Gripping' Serial Killer Drama Pembrokeshire Murders

The Hollywood actor returned to UK screens for the chilling true crime drama.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

The new year means plenty of new TV to sink our teeth into, with ITV's latest true crime series, The Pembrokeshire Murders, finally hitting screens after months of anticipation.

The three-part series sees The Hobbit star Luke Evans return to his native Wales as he stars as Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Wilkins - with the newly promoted and the ambitious police officer deciding to reopen two unsolved murder cases from the 1980s.

Luke Evans' New Serial Killer Drama The Pembrokeshire Murders Launched On ITV (

The true story garnered national attention in 2006 after witness reports and an artist's impression of the suspect led to the police service watching an episode of classic darts gameshow Bullseye, where the killer had previously starred as a contestant before eventually being apprehended.

And fans are already raving about the series, with many taking to Twitter to praise Luke's powerful performance as the brooding detective.

"Luke Evans is a really good actor," wrote one fan. "He is seriously underrated."

"Luke Evans is on top form - can't wait for more," added a second.

A third wrote: "Fabulous scenery and gripping story in Pembrokeshire Murders. Luke Evans is completely convincing."

Meanwhile, others focused on Luke's dashing good looks being back on the box (and we don't blame them).

"Luke Evans is a handsome chap, isn't he?" pointed out one viewer.

A second said: "Luke Evans just improved January by 100 per cent."

"How am I going to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV? Luke Evans is so distracting," a third joked, adding sweating emojis.

But even with its very handsome frontman, viewers on the whole were excited to see what was going to happen in part two.

"Finding The Pembrokeshire Murders gripping so far," one tweeted. "Well done ITV and well done Luke Evans, Suzanne Packer, Keith Allen and the rest of the cast."

"Just caught up with The Pembrokeshire Murders - gripping. A powerful cast with a powerful story," a second added.

"The first episode was so gripping!" a third said. "Can't beat a bit of Luke Evans."

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Featured Image Credit: ITV

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