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Trailer Drops For New 'Candyman' Film And We're Already Terrified

Trailer Drops For New 'Candyman' Film And We're Already Terrified

'Get Out's' Jordan Peele is producing the sequel.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

The Candyman trailer has finally dropped and the "spiritual sequel" to the original story looks creepier than ever.

Thanks to the Destiny's Child song 'Say My Name' playing in the background in a slow menacing manner, it really reinforces the old idea from the 1992 film that, if you say Candyman's name five times looking in a mirror, he will appear and kill you.

While people think it's a local urban legend in the Cabrini-Green, Chicago neighbourhood where this film as well as the original was set, it looks anything but in this Jordan Peele (Get Out) produced and Nia DaCosta directed film.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays artist Anthony McCoy in the film and we see him arrive in the now gentrified neighbourhood and move into the old candy factory.

We hear him say in the trailer: "I feel really connected to this neighbourhood".

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays artist Anthony McCoy (
Universal Pictures)

He soon looks to become obsessed with the idea of the Candyman, something that doesn't seem to go well for him and looks set to send him over the edge.

We hear him say: "I think I made a mistake".

He's not the only one that looks set to test the Candyman, as the trailer also shows five girls putting the theory to test in what appears to be the school toilets.

Afterwards, they seem relieved nothing has happened, that is until they appear to be locked in the bathroom... we fear that's the last we'll see of them.

Tony Todd is rumoured to be returning as the Candyman (
Tristar Pictures)

It is not implicitly stated, but Anthony could be the grown-up version of the baby from the original Candyman film that is abducted. The film sounds as though it is a reimagining meets sequel after all.

There have been two other sequels, Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh and Candyman: Day Of The Dead, but it is thought that this new film, landing this summer, will not link to either of those, except for of course the Candyman's existence. It will be more of a follow on of sorts to the 1992 movie.

The Candyman actor is still unknown as we do not see his face in the trailer (just his creepy hook), but it's rumoured it will be the original Tony Todd, who also played him in the other two sequels.

Candyman will be released in cinemas on 12th June.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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