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There's A Theory That The Prince In Sleeping Beauty Was Based On Prince Philip

There's A Theory That The Prince In Sleeping Beauty Was Based On Prince Philip

Could it be?!

The Tyla Team

The Tyla Team

The sad news of the death of Prince Philip last week has thrust an intriguing Disney fan theory back into the spotlight.

It turns out Disney fans are convinced Prince Philip was the inspiration behind his namesake in the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty.

And the evidence is pretty convincing...

People think Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty was inspired by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (

Many have pointed out that heartthrob in Disney's animated classic was the first prince to ever receive a first name, as the princes in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Cinderella (1950) are never named.

In Snow White the prince is simply known as The Prince whereas Cinderella's prince is known as Prince Charming.

According to Sleeping Beauty's IMDb page, the prince in Sleeping Beauty was given the Duke of Edinburgh's name because he was the prince American audiences were most familiar with back in 1959.

When the film was released, Queen Elizabeth II had been queen for just seven years.This has also been reported by Disney fansites.

Twitter reacted to the Duke of Edinburgh's death by posting about his alleged influence on the film Sleeping Beauty (

If you ask us, the theory is pretty plausible.

Sarah Dunnigan, a lecturer in at the University of Edinburgh who has researched fairy tale traditions says she believes there could be a link between Disney's first named Prince and the late Duke of Edinburgh "due to the huge popularity and idealisation of the British royal family in America in the late 1950s".

However, Charles Solomon, a lecturer in animation at the UCLA school of theatre, film and television and animation critic and historian believes the link is nothing more than an "urban myth."

He told Tyla that Sleeping Beauty is a film he has researched thoroughly, adding: "I've never come across anything to support this idea, not in the interviews with the artists, nor in the Disney archives.

"Frankly, I doubt the Duke of Edinburgh got that much attention in the America in the mid 50's when the film was being made or that the Disney artists would have had much interest in him."

Some Disney fans decided to pay tribute to Prince Philip by watching Sleeping Beauty (

We'll leave it to you to decide if it's true.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/PA

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