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Emma Thompson Celebrates 25th 'Shaggiversary' With Husband Greg Wise

Emma Thompson Celebrates 25th 'Shaggiversary' With Husband Greg Wise

The actress revealed that her husband tried to sleep with Kate Winslet first.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Just when we thought we couldn't love Emma Thompson any more, the actress has said she's celebrating her 25th 'sh*gging anniversary' with her husband - even though he tried to sleep with Kate Winslet first.

Big screen royalty Emma, 61, tied the knot with actor Greg Wise, 54, back in 2003 following her previous marriage to Kenneth Branagh.

Now the Oscar winner has said that this year marks the couple's silver anniversary or 'shaggiversary' - in other words, 25 years since they first had sex.

Well, congratulations, Greg and Emma!

A younger Emma and Greg pictured together (

In typical dry-humoured style, Nanny McPhee star Emma explained that she and her other half are honouring the occasion despite the fact that he took Titanic star Kate out on a date first.

Speaking on Chris Evans' podcast How To Wow, Emma revealed that Greg's rendez-vous with Kate had been a total flop.

The Love Actually star explained that her husband took Kate, 45, for drinks but it was a disaster and she was ''bored sh*tless''.

Talking about her 25th anniversary, she said: ''It's not our wedding anniversary, it's our sort of shagging anniversary basically.

''Well I think that's the important one. I think to have shagged the same person for 25 years and still want to shag them is really a great thing.

The actress revealed the couple are celebrating their 'shaggiversary' (

''I think that's marvellous.''

We couldn't agree more, Emma.

The actress went on to say that Greg attempted to woo Kate with "lots of crystals and weirdness".

She said: ''He thought he was supposed to fall in love with Kate.

''He desperately tried to take Kate out, and took her somewhere spooky and wibbly wobbly like, lots of crystals, and weirdness, thinking something is going to happen.

"It so didn't and Kate was completely bored, bored shitless. And he thought well it's not her, it can't be her.''

Apparently, Greg likes to save the best till last.

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